Alien 3

I thought Alien 3 would be about three aliens because it's three but it wasn't, it was not about three aliens at all so I didn't watch it anymore.

My brain told me I can sue for false advertising but I told my brain my doctor told me my brain was wrong. That shut my brain up, but it also made me fall asleep so I did.

I woke up and I was still asleep so I woke up again, but then I heard me snoring and tried to wake up again, but it was just me breathing so I didn't wake up again. Someone tried to tell me I was breathing but I knew I was breathing so I didn't listen and I went "NANANANA" and walked away with my thumbs in my ears.

Then I went to watch television and saw that instead of a television I had cakes, therefore the man on the phone was my friend. I tried to call him back but the phone was in my neighbour's washing machine because it got dirty.

This is why I can't have my own washing machine.

The End

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