another beach...

Chloe lifted her heavy hands to her forehead, her heartbeat pounding against her skull. Her fingertips glazed over her left eyebrow and smeared the blood towards her bedraggled hairline. She lowered her hand to eye level; her fingertips were tainted with crimson. Chloe’s mouth opened silently and her eyes widened in horror. She slowly lifted her delicate head from the sharp pebbles that scratched at her porcelain face. She twisted her neck to look over her shoulder. The waves crashed recklessly against the cliffs and splashed her ankles. The cold froth seeped through her, she shivered, then instantly regretted it. She writhed in agony, her entire lower body felt as if it had been smashed by a hundred falling rocks. Chloe opened her mouth wider, but no sound emerged from her lips. Blood gently slid down her cheek and mixed harmoniously with her tears.


Chloe reached slowly into her pocket and clasped her shredded fingers around her trusted mobile. As she dialled 999, her breathing became sharp. She gripped her phone tighter and tried to slow down her stunted spasms of breath. “Hello, Newquay services, how can I help you?”


“I…” she gasped desperately, “I need an ambulance. I’m on a beach, with rocks and cliffs. I, I don’t know where I am. Please…” Her phone slipped from her grip, and tripped over the pebbles. Chloe’s head fell, coming to rest on the blood stained beach.


“Hello…? Are you still there? Hello?”

The End

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