the happenings on a beach? its kind of the opening to something longer sooooo whatever, let ur mind run wild... and help me out here!!!

She tiptoed, as if on shattered glass, across the smashed mussel shells, towards the dark expanse of the ocean. The froth of the waves kissed the ankles of the surfers; then crashed with a thundering roar. Laura readjusted her school skirt, rolled up in rebellion, and flicked her hair into the wind. The breeze drew in the sea air; it was bitter and salty, with a tang of vinegar.


Laura turned her piercingly blue eyes, lined with black, towards a motion under the sand. At first, she thought it was a crab, but the vibrations were too systematic for nature. She reached down and clasped the unidentified object with her wind swept hands and as the sand blew away with a gust of air, the object revealed itself. What lay in her hands was no creature, nor an object of alarm, but a mobile phone.

The End

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