Mark and I meet up where I told him. Just North on plautea crs.

" I know the guys who created this trail, they used to work professionally at the whistler bike park, and decided that with the professional skills try to make a bit of whistler here, so everybody thinks its incredible, which no doubt it is, but its also ridden so much that the trail is full of washboards so its kinda bumpy.Ready?" I ask as I put the full face on, as we both read the sign readin " Grim reapers meets its slayer"

"Yeah he replies."

" Lets go then." I say kinda pumped as we both tear down a steep dirt filled slope. Up ahead the trail breaks into a double track with a step up and a step down. Mark hits the step up perfectly as I hit it to agressively and over clear it and hitting the step downs ramp awkwardly launching me and my bike into the air in an awkward flipping way. There wasn't alot I could do so I tucked my head in and tried to get my body upright in the one second I was  going to be in the air for. My back tire hits the ground, I don't lean forwards as my front tire hits the ground , i get balanced as the bumby destroyed dirt throws my bike around. I was incredibly to blast out of the course like that. Mark was ahead of me, and with my damaged confidence I speed up taking the highe sides of the burms to I catch up, then we go off a 10 foot drop at the same time, the world seemed to slow as we did so.

If only I had the courage and confidence the same level to ask a girl out. I thought to myself , while thinking about emily I hit the ground and speed off pushing myself to get ahead of Mark. We kept about the same throughout the course pushing eachother doing something better than the other till the bottom, where I bailed off the side of the trail, and said with my damaged ego, I would have won other wise. We both parted repeating what he had said earlier flowers, do it face to face, my own card ,and poem.

After having a shower, and eating a dinner , and finishing some already late homework, I looked up her number and tracked Emily's house down, which wasn't a terrible problem to get there and i would probably get there in 30 minutes and it would be eight hopefully she would be there. I get on my bike, and pedal over at a good rate.

It took me twenty minutes to bike over, and I wasn't all sweaty which is good because i'm pretty sure you don't want to be all sweating when asking a girl out. Just before I reach the door I realize I forgot flowers. I turned around got on the bike, and started to bike off, and tape in my head kept mocking me saying your such a coward. I stopped and saw a row of violet flowers that smelled pretty good.  I pick one up and drive back to her house this time I couldn't find an excuse to run. I knock on the door, I hope her parents don't answer.

The End

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