"Ok,now lets find your dress" she smiles, hugging her bag

"You sure like that dress"

"I should, I drew it in art, I can't believe I found it!" she beams

I smile back at her, Charlotte has to be the most amazing friend I have ever had! "What shop should we go in now?"

"Hmm, why don't you pick, is there anything you had in mind?"

"Well my aunt says pink suits me because of my hair...apart from that, a little help?"

Charlotte smiles and rolls her eyes "Come on" she pulls me towards a small botique "something pink then....if your hairs loose, that would work" she pulls me into the dressing rooms and sifts through dresses "Size?"


Her eyes light up "How about this?" she pulls out a dress from the back "Try it on"

I step into the changing room and change, pulling the delicate dress over my head.

"Does it fit?"


"Come out then Emily"

I pull back the curtain "How does it look?"

"See for yourself"

I look into the mirror and gasp, the pink, satin material drapes over my figure well, a pale pink that highlights my eyes, knee length hem and an off the shoulder look that I love. Silver is laced around the hem and neckline in vine paterns. "Wow. This is it!"

"Excuse me? How much is this dress?"

"Oh, thats on sale especially for you today" the man says "Fifty for the young lady"

"Fifty? I'll take it!"

I handed the man the money and went to get changed.


Theman handedme my bag as we left "Now, I need to pick up some shoes. Accesory shopping?"

Charlotte smiled "You read my mind"

Withn an  hour,  I found a pair of silver strappy flats-kinds, just a small heel, a pair of silver hoops, a rose charm silver necklace and a pink rose for my hair.

Charlotte got a great deal on some bows for her shoes and wicked cool accesories "I think we've shopped till we've dropped, wanna get a drink?"


The End

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