Charlotte - my dress!Mature

"yeah we should" she smiles at me, i smile back "shall we?" i say gesturing to the bus pulling up at the stop, "yes we shall" she says stepping on to the bus, i take one last look at mark and then get on to the bus after her, i walk over the man behind the plastic screen and buy a bus fare for us both. "Ok lets go!" i say, we sit down on some seats with two boys sitting behind us, from what i can hear of their conversation, they think me and Emily are "fit" and they are deciding on who should have who, urgh stupid boys! i feel a tap on my shoulder and i turn round to see one of the boys, the horrible one of the two who had teased me at school a few times.... fabulous.

  "what?" i say rarther argresivaly, he starts to stutter and then clears his throat "erm will you?..." he starts "NO!" i but in and turn back around, i hear a small snigger from the guy behind me's mate and hear him lean forward to tap Emily on the shoulder... i know shes not going with anyone yet but i can kind of tell that she wants to go with Kevin and does not want to go with the freak behind us. "she does not want to go with YOU either!" i snap as his hand is halfway to Emilys shoulder, he quickly pulls his hand back, as i turn round again the bus comes to a stop and we are at the shopping centre, as we get off Emily turns to me

 "woah... no one wants to mess with you!" she says stunned, "oh sorry did you want to say yes to him?" she thinks for a little while, "not really but i would never had snapped at him like you did if he had asked me" she says puzzled, "the reason i sanpped at them is beacause they treat us like prizes... or dolls of somthing, i mean they were choosing us before we had said yes!" i say almost shouting, i realize by her expression... "sorry... lets shop" i say getting myself back together. we walk for a while going in various shops, and i see lots of pretty dressed but my mind is firmly set on a dress like the one i drew in art today. soon we walk past a small little quaint shop with furniture in the window, "hey lets go in here!" i say going up to the shop, "you do know thats a furniture shop right?" says Emily

 "yes.." i say walking in, she follows in after me. i am greeted by... well.. more furniture and a lady behind a desk smiles at me "hi? umm this is going to be a strange question but... do you sell prom dresses in here?" i say quickly, she looks around puzzled and then bursts out laughing, i sigh and walk away knowing her answer already, "hey wait!" she says "i thought you were joking but your not are you?" i shake my head "well actually... i think we might have some dresses in that wardrobe over there, i dont know whether they are prom dresses and the were just meant for display... but your welcome to look it you want? i smile excitedly and walk over to the wardrobe, i open it, and i see dresses! lots of beautiful uniqe colourful dresses! i start to look through them and then... I FOUND IT!

my dress and exact replica of the dress i drew in art! a strapless baby blue dress, with a dark blue sash belt tied in a bow around the middle.  i pull it out and look at the lable, MY SIZE ASWELL! i clutch it to my chest not wanting it to disapeer, "i will take this one! how much?!" i ask the lady "well i think we bought that one for £200" she says, i sigh, she can tell its too much and i start to put it back... "wait, if you pay the 200 i will... throw in the matching heels!" i pull the dress back to myself "there are matching shoes too!?" i say, she goes and gets some dark blue heels out of a cuboard, they are not the say as my picture, but i can sew some blue bows on the back myself, "ok" i say smiling and give her the £200, i walk out of the shop with a big grin on my face "ok now we have to find your dress" i say. 

The End

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