I couldn't concentrate all day, my thoughts were filled with stunning blue eyes and his soft voice....I blushed. I wonder if he'll call me.....or maybe....I sighed and sketched absent mindedly,barely listening to our teacher recite shakespeare. "Hey, you okay?"

I blinked and turned to face a girl no older than me "Uh...yeah"

She smiled "ready to go dress shopping?"

"yeah" I smiled "Thanks for snapping me out of it, I think I might of been here for a while" I laughed

"I noticed, you have something on your mind?" she looked a bit wistful, like she was about to launch into a daydream

"Yeah, guesse we both do...."


"You look like your about to launch yourself into a daydream yourself" I smiled "It's very nice to meet you Charlotte, don't suppose you know how to get to Kingsley drive do you? I've just moved here and I keep getting lost"

She smiled "Yeah, I know where that is, I live quite close actually wanna walk home together after we shop?"

"If we could" I sighed in relief "Thanks Charlotte"

We walked out to the courtyard and my heart stopped, so did my feet. Kevin.

"Emily? You okay?"


Charlotte followed my gaze "Is that what or who was on your mind then?"

My cheeks burned and I nodded.

"Want to go over and say hi?"

"No! I mean....the first time I met him I kinda knocked him to the floor when I was running at full speed."

"That's one way I suppose, but I swear it's the guy who's supposed to knock the girl off her feet, not the other way around"

"Yeah. I'm a sucker for the traditional kind of methods but it never happens"

Charlotte sighed and I guesse she agreed with me. Her eyes settled on the guy with Kevin and I saw her cheeks turn pink.

"Guesse we both have guys on the brain" I murmered.

"Then we should both find ultra cute dresses, they won't know what hit em'" she laughed.

The End

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