Couldn't stop thinkingMature

Throughout the day my mind rested on Emily even though our meeting was brief, I couldn't stop thinking about a how pretty she was,her brown curly hair, and her turqoise eyes.  At the end of school I was leaving for home when Mark caught up, I just forgot about him, good thing he showed up.

" Hey."

" Hey, so what you want to do? I was thinking about a bike ride on this trail with ladders, and a few jumps, do you bike?" I ask.

" I was more along the lines thinking about helping you with that piece of paper you've got folded up in your cell."

" Oh , you are a pretty perceptive person aren't you. Sure, but I honestly wouldn't what to say to Emily when I get her on the phone.  I was thinking of asking her to the cinema or perhaps a restuarant." I say feeling  my wallet width in my back pocket I think I had about 100 and some change, and in the bank probably a more, so I could afford to do some really nice things.

" You really should stop thinking as much, thats probably your biggest issue." Mark says.

" Alright , we've got some time , let start on getting me to stop thinking so much."

The End

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