Charlotte - end of the dayMature

"You wanna hang out?" Mark asks Kevin, Kevin nods his head slightly "yeah, sure" he says smiling, well this is playing out very nicely, evryone gonna be busy tonight. i decide to leave the boys in their conversation, and i walk away to lesson breifly brushing Marks shoulder to allert him that i was leaving, as i walk i look down at my hand again, ok... i have Art, perfect! and it is my last lesson too, hurrah! i smile to myself as i walk into my art class and sit down.

"ok class" says my art teacher "seeing as valentines day, and your prom is coming up very soon you must all be very excited" there are a few nods from some of the students "well, i thought that we would do somthing a bit diffrent, as a treat, i want you to paint, sketch, whatever you are feeling or thinking about right now, express yourself and see what you come up with" she says excited about the lesson. ok this should be intresting, i get up and let my body pull me to what i will construct with, i walk over to the water colours and decide to use them, i gather them up, put some water and paper on my desk and sit down, right what am i thinking about right now...

at the end of my lesson i pick up my paper, and admire my handiwork, i drew a dress, a prom dress to be exact, a strapless baby blue dress, with a dark blue sash belt tied in a bow around the middle, with matching blue shoes with dark blue bows on the back.  i was very proud of it and decided that i would bring it with me tonight to see if i could fine one similar, my art teacher was more than happy to let me take it with me and i left in a rush to find Emily.

i had forgotten to tell her where to meet me, so i rang her on her number she had given to me when i spoke to her before "hello" said her voise on the end of the phone "hi, where are you?" i said back to her, "at the gate, i see you" i look up and their she is at the gate, i end the call and run over to her, "are you ready to go?" she says, "yeah, i am ready" i reply, and we go and sit down at the bus stop, and get on the bus.

The End

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