Georgia ShekakophskiMature

I sighed as I snuggled deeper into my waist fitted, red cashmir jumper. But that's just typical me. Typical Georgia Shekakophski. Polish, but with no accent. Just normal. Ice blue eyes, soot black hair that reached the small of my back, usually up in two plaits. Faded blue jeans, either a big wooly jumper or just a vest-top, none inbetween. Short, 16 and a bit. Great grades, bit of a dreamer, little shy.

Oh, and almost no friends.


Today I have my hair down. A bold move for me. I just walk silently down the hall. Waiting for someone to notice me. Waiting for Craig to notice. Craig Smith. He's one of my best friends. Uh, only friends.  Only a couple of catches. We were forced to go out. Two, I like his and my best friend, Chris. And Craig is eyeing up Chris too.

Chris has white blond hair, always ruffled up, he has vivid green eyes that my heart melt, he is really pale, he's got a four pack, and he's quite tall. He could be popular if he wanted to. He just hangs with me and Craig though. None of us have a date to the prom. And Craig and I are seeing if either of us is going with Chris.

The End

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