Mark: In the hallwayMature

Charlotte and I are walking through the hall, talking and chatting about nothing and everything. Neither one of are paying much attention to where we are going. We are engulfed in each other.

A girl with an interesting shade of brown hair runs into me. It is obvious she is lost, and she is even trying to read a map of the school. 

"I'm sorry," I say, apologizing. "I didn't see you there."

"No, no, it wasn't your fault. I was just trying to read this stupid map," she replies.

I take the map from her to see if I can read it. They don't always make those maps readable. Charlotte starts talking to her. I don't really hear what they say. I do hear the name of the girl: Poppy.

"I believe the classroom you are looking for is straight down this hallway. I think you were headed in the right direction, though you probably didn't realize it."

She thanks us for the help and moves passed us. Charlotte and I walk on. Around the next corner, I see Kevin at his locker.

"Do you have plans this afternoon?" I ask Charlotte.

"Dress shopping," she replies.

"I guess you don't need me for that."

"You are not invited," she says, poking her index finger into my chest. I smile and turn my attention to Kevin.

"Hey, Kevin," I say. He looks up at me and nods his head. "You do anything after school?" He shrugs his shoulders, slightly shaking his head. "You wanna hang out?"


The End

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