First day.Mature


I hate moving schools. My mum said it will be a fresh start for me, but however i'm not so sure. She moved me to St.Marlens High School after I got bullied at my old one. I just hope I won't get the sympathy vote here.

I walk out of the headteachers office with my bag and map of the school. Oh crap. I can't read maps to save my life. I walk along trying to find my way, not looking where i'm going, when I suddenly walk into a post. Ow! Not off to a good start. People walk past and laugh at me.

Oh how embarrasing.

I continue trying to read the map, even though I don't understand how you can 'read' a map. It's more like looking at the pictures and symbols. But I don't know what the symbols mean. Hmm...Then suddenly I bash into another post. Ow! I look up to see that infact it wasn't a post. It was a guy and a girl walking together. Yey. Couples. 

The guy apologises and says it was his fault. "No, no, it wasn't your fault. I was just trying to read this stupid map.", I correct him. He takes the map from me, then the girl starts talking to me. "Hey, so are you new here?"

"Yes. I just moved here last weekend.", I reply. She nods and smiles at me. "Well I'm Charlotte. And you are?"

"Poppy. Poppy-Jayne."

The End

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