Charlotte - Yes!Mature

i had a lot on my mind in english, and i didnt really do much work... but i had a good reason for it i mean, i have to figure out a decision. even though seeing as i havent been ask by anyone else... i probably will take Mark up on his offer. ok... what to do now? i think seeing as i am sort of ready with my prom date, i probably should find someone to go out dress hunting with, i did see a girl in english, i had never seen her around before, but by the register name call out i found out her name is Emily Valnar, she left her lesson in a hurry, so i did not get a chance to ask her. As i walk across the school field i notice her sitting down on the grass reading a romance novel, right here we go, i walk over to her holding my breath.

"hi" i say as casually as possible to her.

"hey" she replys looking up, but then putting her nose back into her book, i sit down beside her, "er, i dont mean to be rude but... can i help you?" she says to me politly puting her book down beside her and loosly crossing her arms on her legs, "well yes you can actually" i say and mimik her pose, "i really need anouther girl to help me out with prom like stuff, and i was hoping you would be able to do that, have you got your dress yet?" i ask

"no, i havent had a chance to go shopping yet" she says back, "perfect!" i say excited, "i am going dress shopping tonight, do you want to come with?" i say giddy

"ok" she says smiling "sure" i smile back at her and then its almost as if we are best friends already and i just cant stop my mouth from talking to her, i tell her all about mark and then she tells me about a boy she bumped into earlier. at that moment i see mark walking past, i jump up and run towards him "see you later Emily!" i shout back waving, when i get to him.... i hug him, i dont know why, it just felt like the right thing to do at that point, i blush as soon as i let go.

"does this mean, you want to go to the prom with me?" he asks me smiling, "yes i believe it does" i say smiling back.

The End

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