Mark: My work is never doneMature

I leave English class with a smile on my face. Charlotte hasn't said yes yet, but I gave her a lot to think about in a short period of time. I wouldn't want her to do anything beyond what she did - postpone the decision. 

The guy I saw get embarrassed in the cafeteria is walking past my English class as I am leaving. He has a smile on his face. Okay, I had to know what happened.

"Hey, man," I say to him.

He looks at me. "Hey! Who are you?"

"Just a friend. Name's Mark," I say, extending my hand for a handshake. He shakes my hand with a weird look on his face. I continue, "A little old fashion, I know, but I have come to learn that a handshake is one of the best way to meet someone."

"Oh," he says, not adding anything else.

"I saw what happened to you in the cafeteria, but you seem to have recovered from that."

He's confused at first, almost as if he is trying to figure out or remember what I am talking about. It comes to him eventually. "Oh, yeah. I still owe my friend a good slug in the shoulder."

"Yeah," I reply, "I think he deserves it. Seems like everything is better now ... so what happened?"

"It's none of your business," he says with a frown, quickly loosing the expression for a small smile. "But, I did get a girl's phone number."

"I'm a good judge of character, and I am pretty good with the girls. I would be willing to help you."

"Why would you help me?"

"It's what I do. Plus, there's too much drama at this school."

We come up to a split in the hall. I am heading toward the front, but he is beginning to turn down the hall. He looks back and asks, "What's your name again?"

"Mark, and yours?"


"I'll see ya later."

I head toward the front of the school. My next class is in a separate building from the main building, one of those portable, make shift class rooms.  A girl with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes comes in crying. She's trying to hide the crying, succeeding with some but not with me.

"Are you okay?" I ask. She smiles briefly, but it is probably too much for her, and she runs off without saying a word. I'll have to keep my eye on her. My work is never done.

The End

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