I turn onto the corner where my english is and see Jaden. He was with Cascade flirting he leaned into kiss her and she was about to return the kiss before she saw my betrayed face. Jaden turned around "Oh Ricky it wasn't what it looked like!" He shouted I turned around trying to look confident and walking off into the bathroom while I was shaking so much I tried to hold it in I got into a cubicle lent on the side and started pouring my eyes out. "why did Cascade do that?" I whisper to myself. I shut up as soon as I hear the door open "Ricky?" It was Cascade I wasn't going to talk to her so I sat on the toilet lid and pulled my feet up so she couldnt think I was in I stood up on the toilet and climbed out the window before I heard her kicking down the doors. I walked to the front of the school feeling heart broken and silently sobbing as an attractive guy walks up to me "Are you okay?"he asked. I didn't even know him and he already was nicer than Jaden.

The End

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