Emily ValnarMature

" I'm so sorry, are you okay?" I look at him, panicked that I might have made him break something

" I think so!"  he says into the floor

" Should I get someone?" 

He gets up slowly, rubbing his head

" No, I think i'm fine."  he sounded winded, yikes! I owe him!

" Whats your name?"

" Kevin, Kevin Rundle. And yours?"

"Emily Valnar" I smile "Are you sure your okay? You sound winded"

"I'm fine" he reassured me

"Still, if theres anything I can do to make it up to you....give me a call" I handed him a peice of paper with my home phone number on. "I really am sorry"

His eyes are slightly wide and I look down.

"I have to go to english now but, maybe I'll see you around...?" I run off toward english, feeling giddy, I hope I see him again.

My long brown curls blow behind me in the light breeze as I sprint across the courtyard. The bell rings as I slip into class Yes! And with only seconds to spare!

The End

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