Charlotte - blushingMature

"A gift for a lovely lady," he says as he hands me the flower, it was beautiful, a very dainty purple iris, one of my favourite flowers, which is kinda freaky...

"erm thankyou?" i say not quite sure what to say, "i will um, get back to you tomorrow on the prom thing, because as much as i would like to say yes.... i have kind of only just met you so, it would probably be wise to get to know you a bit more first?" i ask

"thats sounds reasonable" he says back, i smile, i like him already, he doesnt groan when a girl says she needs to "think about it", which is always good. "ok um, where is your next lesson?" i ask him, gathering my things up as the bell rings.

"oh... history with Mrs Measor, you?" he asks, i look down at the back of my hand where i have neatly written my whole timetable out, "i have the same" i say smiling, "alright lets go" we both walk to our class, and sit down at a table together, i pull out my book and start to write, secretly thinking about whether to say yes or no to.... wait! i dont even know his name! "hey um... whats your name?" i say tapping him on the arm, he laughs "oh Yeah, i'm Mark, and you are?" he says

"i'm Charlotte" i answer "lovely name" he says back, my cheeks flush red and i have to look away, he looks down at my ink written hand "your going to get ink poisening if you keep doing that" i blush again.

The End

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