Punching bagMature

Its gym class and instead of playing some dumb stupid sport like freaking soccer, football, then name is up for grabs! I take out the punching bag and release my anger. Stupid James! When is he going to learn that people have ears?  With that thought I rapidly punch the bag and end with a kick, it starts to swing back , and forth, in a large arc.  I got to stop it by throwing my body in its path. It smacks into me stopping but the energy tranfers sends me backwards through the air. I hit the ground just infront of the door from the girls gym. They where watching and laughing at me, one just looked purely disapointed.  I get a little more angry but keep it inside. I should just write a card saying.

" Kick me, i'm a complete utter failure."

I get a little madder and continue to release my anger into the punching bag, everywhere my fist hit, was james's face. I think I continue non stop for another five minutes until I realize this is petty ,  pointless ,and immature. I walk off ashamed of myself as James comes around the corner getting knocked over by the punching bag. I couldn't help but laugh, and not help him up.

" Your not very nice." He says holding his sliding up beside me. 

" only to you." I say.  

The class ends, and I now hold my temper , and mode in control. Out off to the cafeteria! It busy as becasue the cafeteria was serving some delicouse breakfast of a sorts. I really thought about asking a girl out, its not like I'm asking them to get naked, just asking a girl out to a movie right, or a date, the prom at this point would be a little more seriouse but I had some time, to do it my way the way of a guy who only intimate experience with a girl was getting hugged. Uhg now who to ask? I step out a little of my group and from behind something knocks me completely flat onto the ground.

" I'm so sorry, are you okay?" I hear a girls voice.

" I think so!"  I say into the floor.

" Should I get someone?"  I unflatten myself from the floor standing up to see a really pretty girl.

" No, I think i'm fine." I say breatheless, it was hard to tell wether it was my encounter witth the floor or the beauty of this girl.

" Whats your name?" She asks me, I was astonished but quickly replied.

" Kevin, Kevin Rundle. And yours?"

The End

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