charlotte - no romance hereMature

i look up at him, he's alright looking really... but "um well no not really but, they do becuse, one, prom is a major thing to the girls at school here, its their one chance to show off to everyone, two, the guys know nothing about romance its all about wolf whistleing and asking your mate to do it for you, and last but not least all the girls here like to be organised, get the date first, so they can revolve everything else around it, but all the boys leave it to the last minute" i say out of breath, having explained to a few people before about this.

"you seem to know quite a lot about the going ons of this school?" he asks, even though its not really a question.

"i think of myself as an observant person" i say politly

"well dont you think thats wrong, that the girls ask the boys?" he asks

"not wrong, but not proper i supose, and not very romantic, girls love romantic guys, but they have to just live without them in this school, and most girls end up going with their mates in the end" i answered, i only just realised at this point, why am i telling him all of this? surely he is just like them?

"why do you want to know all of this?" i ask

The End

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