Charlotte - great...Mature

i walk into the libary head held high ready to ask sam to the prom......and.... NO!!!!! no no no no no.... he is sitting next to Shannon! and they are laughing together. Sam gets up and walks over to me giving me the thumbs up, well that proves it he has been asked by shannon. i toatally ingnore him and storm out of the libary. great now what... i walk to the caffeteira and decide,to sit down by.. well no one, i sit at an empty table, all on my joan and like any sad looser i get out my homework and start, i am no geek like everyone thinks i am, but when i have a lot on my mind i like to distract myself with anything, sadly the onlything i can do to distract myself at school is do homework. infact i get so distracted in my work i dont even notice a heavy guys hand walk up behind me and tapp me on the shoulder, i look round and smile at him

The End

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