My brand of confidenceMature

Kevin Rundle

I walk through the front doors carrying a disorganized laptop bag , a black punk styled denim jacket, minus the spikes that was too gothic.  I walk into the cafeteria, I could see all the girls there talking to the boys they want to bag.  I wish I didn't have to work  to actually have a girl like ,and be like those stuck up...dare I say it..lucky bastards. What was it about me? I'm good looking atleast thats what Kate says , ha shes dating my best friend Ian, thats rich coming from her.  I place the scary laptop bag under the table and sit down on a chair , taking out my piece of crap two gig mp3. A hand grabs the Mp3 and rips the earphones from my hear.

" Why so seriouse?" James asks.

" Oi!" I say making my voice heard in the hall , " I'm going to kill you." I say looking really tired, and with obsurdly calm voice. James breaks up into laughter , then I push him to the floor.  I get up and see Kate , and Ian walk in, Ian is holding his arm around Kate, Jealousy shot through my body.  I should have asked Kate out , but before I did she told me she likes my best friend, my confidence sunk , completely, and to boot she was hanging with me so she could get closer to Ian. She freakin used me.

" YACHAMAAAAAAAA!!" Ian yells then with his face of rubber stretches his lips in an unhappy face.  I salute like a millitary men before I say " Penguito is rate behind you."

" Wha.."

" DINNER!" I yell making him cover his ears.

This was our morning routine, then from behind Kate will demand a hug, and I will begin to feel seperated and alone agian. 

" Hug?"  , I turn around to look into Her Hazel eyes, I melted.

" Yeah."  

I hold her tightly before I let go,  I should just tell her how I feel even though she with my best friend now. I can yell and make an arse of myself as much as I want but never did I have the courage to ask a girl out. So far my track record is never had a girlfriend, I never admitted it though.

 " So whats your sights on Kev?" Jame slides up next to me, did the guy know when to talk or not to talk to someone, actually does he understand personal space?  He was nearly touching me.  I push him back a bit.

" For the prom?" I say watching Emma walk  across the hall she was beautiful, " Well ...  There is Emma , and probably almost every decent girl here." I laugh.

" I would so go for Emma you guys would be so cute together!" He says with high a voice and shrieking so everybodies head  looking in our direction.

" Hey why don't you go announce that to the world won't ya." I say angrily grabbing my things , and walk off. I can do anything jump cliffs , go fast, stare into the eyes of a mountian lion, keep my self alive in the wilderness, Why can't I get a girl?

The End

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