If OnlyMature

Cascade Blue.

I sigh, my lips twiching as Ricky Sals comes over looking annoyed.

"Well, maybe that's because life sucks." I say laughing. She sighs at me, smiling. I link my arm with hers and we head off fast, away from the stalker of hers. "So Cas, got a date yet?" Ricky asks, her eyes sparkling with wonder.

I shake my head like it's nothing. "Nope." I say and turn left, away from the guys throwing food at others who walk past. "You haven't go a guy? Come off it Cas, you can get any guy you want." I shrug as she says that.

"Ricky, the only reason they'll say yes to me is because they have seen me in a fight. They probablythink I'll kick their head in if they say no." Ricky shakes her head. "But hey. That doesn't matter. What's this about you and Jaden?" I ask smiling. She smiles after a while.

"Well. I was sooo close tokissing him! It's not bloody fair Cas!" Ha. I knew she wouldn't be able to resist talking about Jaden, I don't think she never will be able to. I smile, knowing that she won't bring up the convosation for a while.

The End

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