Oh crap I run fast to avoid the stalker I run into the bathroom and squeeze out of the window on to the field more easily nowadays. "Uhh Ricky what were you doing?" asks my crush Jaden, he was gorgeous with shaggy emo style dark hair with stunning green eyes that draw you in and you could see the outline of muscles even through his shirt he also had 2 lip rings also known as snake bites. I tilted my head to look more closely. "Ricky? are you ok?" He asks half laughing half serious. Making me blush.

"Uhh yeah umm I was running from my stalker" I replied brushing myself down and trying to hide my flushed cheeks. "Oh cause thats what people every day" He said making me laugh. I looked up and smiled at him he really was gorgeous. "You look a bit shaky you sure you ok?" he said folding me into his arms but pulling his head away enough to see my face. I returned the hug looking up at him and the concerne in his face. "I'm sure I'm ok" I replied and his lips curved up at the side into his smile that could kill me with the hottness in them I lean in towards him and he leans in slightly but just as we were about to kiss "Ricky!" shouted my stalker. I got out of Jadens arms unwillingly and said "Sorry have to run scary boy over there" and quickly speeded away. See me and Jaden were always like that never going out but having feelings for eachother. But I didn't have guts to ask him out.

I saw Cascade and walked beside her "why is life so unfair? stalker guy interupted me and  Jaden, we were about to kiss!!!!" I say just about hissing. She looked at me stunned.

The End

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