Charlotte - libary?!Mature

erm.... great, some girls trying to hook me up with a guy "um thanks Casada but..." i say taking her arm off my sholder "i want to find me own guy thanks..." i walk away silently leaving Casada behind, i already have my eye on somone anyway, i say smiling to myself, ok now where is he, i was going to ask him before but he had already been asked, so i asked that other guy and he said... no, but then i found out that the girl that asked the guy i like is now in a hospital bed with a broken collar bone, oh ok i would be so much eaisier if i just said him name, he is called sam. so... off i go to find sam now. but i cant seem to find him, where is he!? i walk past one of his mates "hey!.... um friend of Sams! do you know where sam is? i shout at the guy, "er yer he is in the libary!" he yells back, "oh ok thanks" the libary that weird i wonder why he is at the libary?.......

The End

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