I walk through the halls, I had my dress for prom and I was skinny enough now for my date... I scan the area finding one of my best freinds, Cascade and a little geek girl well at least Cascade is nice, me and her(Cascade) became freinds a month ago and ever since have been causing havoc but every guy wants us. Oh looks like shes getting geek girl a date.

I walk up to them "Hey Cascade, hey guys" I say glancing at the guys then facing Cascade again. "We should give her a makeover first!" I whisper franticly. I look her up and down she will be great with rockstar style but she looks too innocent makeup should fix that.

"Ricky!" Shouts my personal stalker, Robert.

"Crap" I mumble and walk off the opposite way waving goodbye to Cascade, geek girl and the guys 

The End

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