Cascade BlueMature

I walk confidently out of dentension, my head held high. I take my golden brown hair out of it's ponytail. I smile evilly at the people I pass, my green eyes looking into their souls. Well, that's what I've been told they do.

I breath in the fresh air as soon as I get outside. What to do now? I smile again, knowing exactly what to do and it's all trouble! My tall figure makes most guys stare open mouthed after me. But when I look at them in the eyes, most look away quickly. That's right, I'm trouble. And everyone knows it!

I can see my head teacher, Mr Bloommen, coming towards me. I shake my golden brow head and walk over to the benches. A girl in my year is there. I speed walk over to her and sit down. She eyes me strangly but doesn'tsay anything. I look at her magazine and shakemyhead. "You're reading a confidence book?" I laugh and she goes red.

"What? Can't ask a guy out to the prom?" She looks down. "Like you probably have." She mutters. Ismile at her. "Nah, don't have a date yet. But I can get anyone." I shrug like it's nothing but really I'm not going to the prom without a date.

Mr Bloommen is walking towards me I grab the girls arm and start pulling her away from the teacher. "Miss Blue. Come here." I sigh and pull the girl as I go to the headmaster. "Sup." I nod to the headmaster and smile. He looks annoyed, nothing new. He sees the girl next to me. "Charlott, what are you doing here?" I look at her then shrug. "She's with me.  Me and Char are best mates." Sir looks at me weirdly then he looks at Char.

"Yeah." She says softly, looking at her feet. I see someof the popular guys and grab Chars arm and drag her towards them. "Cya sir." I say running towards the teenage boys. "Hey guys." I smile at them andwatch some look meup and down. I look down at Char and wink. "What one you want to go out with?" I ask her, making her go red.

The End

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