Be My ValentineMature

this story is called "be my valentine" and is the 10th of febuary, at St Marlens High School, valentines day is the 14th of febuary and this years prom is going to be special as it is being held on the same day, everone is pressured to be perfect on the day, perfect dress', cars to go in and everyone has to have a date to go with. Ready couples will be brought together, some will drift appart, even include gays and lesbians in it if you really want :), please try and make every situation and per

ok..... ok, breath breath, i am good, i can do this. i walk up to him, the cutest guy in school, and i blurt it out "will you go to prom with me?!" oh god, why did i do that? why here? why now? infront of all of his friends, i didnt think about that.... "um, well i would charlie but...." its CHARLOTTE! but ok, its only a nikname "i am already going with somone" he mutters, i sigh, i should have know, i bet it was Tash. "oh... ok, yer i kinda expected that any way" i smile and then tut and my stupidity and walk away with my head down.

now is the time when i need Sarah to talk to, oh why did she have to move schools? i get my lunch grabing some food, then seeing other girls faces and putting it back, everyones trying to stay as thin as possible for the prom. i go sit outside on my empty bench, i get out my book again, i am reading "how to be confident"... sad i know, but i need to try and get some friends, plus no one knows about the book anyway, i have stuck a magazine cover on the front of it. God i need to get a life, i say putting my face into my hands and sobbing.

The End

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