Be like meMature

You should be like me.

be Like me

Learn to be like me! If you don't you will be sad. I do not want you to be sad, and your mom does not want you to be sad either!  We both love you, only I love you more, so you should be like me!, because if you are not you will be sad. SO COME ON! COME ON! LET'S MAKE THIS COUNTRY STRONG!  or else you will be sad. Very sad. Really sad. So be like me. Or you will be sad. Trust me. You can trust me. I' like playing games, especially duck duck goose! I play it all the time at the old peoples home, and elderly help center, but you see...they say i am old, but I am young. I really am. I do not like throwing up. It leaves a bad taste in  my mouth. I dream of being a ninja warrior. And I am proud to be me! I want to take my stupid licks to a new level. Like learning to strach out my tongue! Ooooooooooh! (i don't like spiders)

The End

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