The air was sticky and muggy around them, but not quite so much as you got closer to the ground. Little pieces of fresh cut lawn stuck to any bare skin, and with how high the mercury was reaching, there was a lot of it.

Two teenagers, one boy and one girl, were laying on their backs in the shade of an old oak tree, staring at the sky.

Cloud watching.

It was too warm to do anything but lay there and watch the cotton candy shapes contort and slowly slide across the robin's egg sky.

"That one is... A... Llama." The girl smirked, pointing up at one of the few shapes passing through the canopy of the leaves.

"You are so twisted. I would have said duckling." The boy laughed, teasing.

"No, the neck is too long to be a duckling, or even a swan. Definitely a llama.... Or a giraffe. A giraffe is possible, too. Maybe a dinosaur." She said, spitefully matter of fact.

The boy's hand found the girl's fingers lying next to her on the ground and twined hers with his.

She turned her head away from him so he couldn't see her blush.

"What do you think that one is?" He said after a quiet moment, pointing to yet another cloud, but watching her face.

She looked to the sky, and then glanced at him. "It's a.... A heart." She bit her lip and stole another glance at him.

His chocolate eyes, dark and intense, watched her as she struggled with the right words.

"You are so beautiful..." He said, propping himself on one elbow and leaning in...

The End

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