A tall girl, dark haired, lean, and a distinctive face, click-clacked down the cement.

She laughed to herself, albeit not quietly, but strong and carefree. Beyond pleased with herself and the way the Fates were seeming to work only for her.

Click, clack, click, clack. Her heels made sounds in time with a bass line of an unheard song with each confident strut.

Though the sidewalk was crowded, she threw in a delighted spin - today was her moment, and in her moment she would shine.

A friend, male, stepped into pace with her as she turned a corner next to an adorable boutique.

"Laramie..." He sounded reproachful, wary.

"Yes, Rikee?" Her voice blew like windchimes in a warm summer breeze, and she shot him a movie-star smile.

"Uh oh... Do I sense evil brewing?" His tone was less wary, more teasing, now.

Her laugh trilled above the city noise, and she made an abrupt stop. "Oh, Rikee. Rikee Rikee Rikee." She brushed the tip of his nose coyly with her fingertip. "Sweetheart, you BEYOND sense evil brewing - thing is, it's not evil of my doing!"

The End

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