Watching the sky; As only butterflies fell, the rain of which came down upon us like flakes of a rainbow; Jakob, puppy in hand, turns to his father then asks, "So what now, daddy?"Mature


Elienne walks over, a balloon in one hand, a small bunch of wild flowers in the other.

"Hello Mommy," Jakob whispers, as he scampers off in a little race between himself and his puppy, Lucky. The snow of butterflies continued to float down from the sky, and Jakob's father realizes with slight melancholy that he never had an answer for his 4 year-old son.

Elienne sits down next to him and hands him the balloon, and brings her hand to his face. "I'm going to bet that you didn't realise you were crying."

Dylan cannot help but be amused, but he has no answer for his wife, either.


The End

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