Chapter 2Mature

The next time that Yami saw Mokuba, it was at a party. One that was thrown by Yuugi, of course, to commemorate his return. Yami was surprised to see everyone there, and he meant everyone. Even Otogi flew in from Cali to come and see Mokuba. Jounouchi, Anzu, and Honda. Yami still hung out with the old gang (sans Otogi) every once in a while, perhaps once a week during the summer when schedules were panning out and lined up conveniently.

This was a week after Yami had seen Mokuba at the store. Yuugi had offered for Yami to go with him early to set up the party, as it was going to be in Mokuba's own apartment. Seto had been invited, so Yami quickly deduced that the party's location was really a ploy to dig into Seto's ass as opposed to the best option. He snickered; Mokuba would do something like that. But Yami had refused the invitation. He would arrive somewhat on time like everyone else.

"What time?" he asked his other half.

"Eight, nine," Yuugi said, sounding the most relaxed he had in a while. "Whenever."

Yami smiled. "Oh, so you mean that this is going to be a real party?" The time implied that there would be drinking, and any party where Yami could possibly be drunk at some point was a real party in his opinion. He was used to things like brunches and coffee houses. With Jou in law school and Anzu studying to be a nurse there wasn't much leeway for party nights like these. "What about Jounouchi and Anzu?" he added to that effect.

"They said it was fine. They don't have class tomorrow or tests next week. They're free today. Isn't that great?" Yuugi answered, beaming. Clearly he had missed everyone. "You're covering for me this afternoon, right?"

"No, Yuugi, I'm not. I'm going to let the shop go to hell and not care about whether or not you're helping to set up the party. Why are you going so early anyway? It's noon."

"I'm getting all the food and deserts and the drinks."


"Yes, but that's not the only thing, Yami."

"Stop trying to make this into a fucking tea party."

"It's a welcome back party. You're going to want to do something more than drink. Besides, you know what drinking does to you when you haven't had anything to eat."

Yuugi had him there, so he didn't say anything other than, "Bye, Yuugi."

"See you at the party."

(scene shift)

The Kame Game Shop closed at eight that evening, as it usually did during the week. Yami had wanted to close early, but it seemed that just to thwart him that day all the customers were trickling in until closing. He cursed up a storm in his head but made a concerted effort to be nice to the customers, as Gramps would never forgive him otherwise. None of them would have known that he was in a rush without asking. He really wanted to see everyone.

After closing the shop he realized with a pang that Yuugi had taken their car—and this, he reminded himself, is why you wanted your own. He quickly skipped upstairs to the house, catching Sugoroku just as he was headed to his bedroom, and was able to get the truck. He'd fill it up with gas he promised, knowing that Gramps never saw him as a douche and he could have run out all of the gas and left it on the side of the road and he still wouldn't be upset. Sweet old man. Too trusting.

Although Mokuba's apartment wasn't the Kaiba Mansion, it wasn't too far from it. It was about a ten minute drive, faster if he had been speeding but Yami didn't feel like being a roadster that day. He discovered very quickly that by "apartment", Mokuba had been speaking about a flat, and it was much larger than Yami had imagined. He didn't know which floor Mokuba lived on, so he ended up calling Yuugi to come and get him at the door.

The place seemed rather lively already. He was the last one in, he realized, and was very much glomped by Otogi, who was dressed in slim T-shirt and some jeans, as per usual, although they were of higher quality than what he used to wear in school. Jou wore his usual green jacket, but underneath Yami could see a button up and some dressy slacks...classy. Anzu wore a nice red dress—red was always a color that she liked—and Honda was decked out in a T-shirt and jeans, as was Mokuba whose shirt said "Motherfucker" on the front. It made Yami laugh, but the sound was lost among everyone else's rabble.

"You're here!" Anzu cried out happily. Jou gave him two smacks on the back, and Yuugi smiled. Almost everyone had a beer in their hand already, and in Jounouchi's case, there was another empty bottle sitting near him. Yami was sure that it was his.

The one person who didn't look happy at all was Seto Kaiba, sitting in a chair in the den that was opposite of everyone else and somehow managing to look alone even though he was in a room full of people. Fuck off, Yami thought without hesitation.

Mokuba's hand squeezed his shoulder for a moment, and then he shook out his black hair and pulled it into a ponytail. "Glad you could make it."

"Glad I'm here," Yami shot back, immediately giving Mokuba his attention before responding to everyone else.

"So, Mokuba," Seto began in a drawl, "is this it? Are you simply planning to drink and be merry with your friends all evening?"

"If you're asking if you can leave, Seto," Mokuba sighed, "the answer is yes. I'm not going to keep you here if you don't want to be. This is what I do. Get used to it." A pause. "Please."

Seto rose, and Yami knew that the CEO's decision had already been made. "I'll see you tomorrow morning in the office, Mokuba. Ten sharp, hangovers or not."

"Yes, yes, I know," Mokuba said back, his voice beginning to sound more professional like it had with Yuugi a week ago.

Yami couldn't help his smile as Seto Kaiba exited the door.

Jou couldn't, either. "Alright, let's have a real party, yeah? And by that I mean do nothing for about four hours. God, I miss you guys." He didn't sound at all like he'd just had two beers. Good old Jou.

"I need something in my hand," Yami said. "It's too empty."

"Go get that shit yourself. It's in the kitchen," Mokuba retorted, and Yuugi seemed almost stricken. It appeared that he wasn't used to Mokuba speaking like that. Yami liked it, actually; it was sexy, and just acknowledging that caused various kinky thoughts of Mokuba begin to float in his head.

So Yami ventured to the kitchen and came out with some Mike's Hard Lemonade. He didn't feel like beer tonight, and he wanted to remain sober enough to not hit on Mokuba by accident. He'd prefer to do it on purpose, if possible. And he wanted to remember doing it the next morning.

The flat looked nice. That den was a very decent size, with enough room to house all of the gang and then some. The kitchen had been much like the one he and Yuugi had at home, and were those two bedrooms that he spied while he was walking by? Good shit. "And he said he didn't want to live in the Mansion..." Yami muttered quietly as he emerged, taking a seat just as Mokuba came out of his room with a rolling stand and a second television.

"I don't," he retorted. Then he added, "I have excellent hearing." When he went back into his room again, he was carrying cords for a Playstation 3. "You guys can play the Xbox on that TV over there. It's already hooked up."

And that was how they spent the evening, playing games, chatting and drinking a bit, making jokes at each other and having a good time like they all used to. Anzu started asking logical questions, ones that made sense, the same ones that Yuugi had asked the week before about Mokuba's experience over in the states. "Their schooling is alright," Mokuba said, and Yami was delighted when he didn't hear that stiffness that dubbed him so obviously a Kaiba. "And I'm not famous there, which is the best thing. As soon as I was back in the country, I had people hounding me."

"I know exactly what you mean," Otogi said. "I had a picture taken of me in a cab on my way here, actually. It was very irritating. You'd think they'd forget after a few years..."

"I know!" Mokuba exclaimed.

"Fuck any foreign chicks?" Honda asked, in his usual obvious way.

"Honda!" Anzu exclaimed. "That's so rude!"

"A few, I guess," Mokuba said, pulling up a chair to join in what was quickly becoming another circle of conversation. "I don't really think of them as foreign, though. They're just girls." He shrugged. No one really addressed Anzu's outburst, because Honda was clearly a bit tipsy and it was only going to get worse from there. "It's not like I was there just to bang chicks." He was answering the question a bit too seriously now, trying to shift back to the mood that Anzu had set with her original questions. "I mean, it was a cool experience, and it was definitely great getting to explore some things myself without Seto looming over me the way that he is now, but...I missed home. I didn't really want to leave in the first place. I was looking forward to seein' you all graduate from college and shit. I mean, I made friends, but damn...I was a child prodigy, practically. I was a lot younger than everyone else in my class. Took me a long time to become comfortable with being treated that way. And you can't drink there until you're twenty-one. That sucks."

Yami nodded, finishing his third bottle of hard lemonade. He felt a little lightheaded, but nothing really yet. He wasn't trying to get drunk.

"You look really different," Anzu said. "Like...really different."

Mokuba waved her away. "I'm just taller, is all. And I've got the bike now. Of course, Seto doesn't like that."

"I told you earlier," Yami said, "Tell him to shove it."

"I'm trying not to do that," Mokuba said. "He's my only family after all, and my future. I start working at Kaiba Corp in the next month. I'm going to be Seto's right hand man. I forget what position because I haven't been briefed on it yet. That's why he wants to see me tomorrow."

"Good career," Jou said. He belched after that, laughing while he covered his mouth.

"Maybe," Mokuba countered, "but boring ass work. I don't want to be enslaved to the company for the rest of my life like my brother. I like KaibaCorp, but I don't want to live like him: pulling all-nighters just to finish one project and say it's finished, not having time for friends or family or anything else. That shit sucks. I'd die if I had to live like that." Jou nodded, understanding. "I tried applying for some less stressful jobs, and I've gotten most if not all of them—I don't want to take them, though, because—"

"They saw your name on the application," Otogi said, "and that's all they saw."

Honda was dying on his side of the circle. "I say fuck it all," he said, voice slurred because of all the beer, "and let's watch a movie."

Mokuba laughed. "Good idea. What do you guys want to watch?"

"Fuckitall!" Honda shouted again, giggling like a girl after. Everyone laughed, and Mokuba put some random disk into his PS3 and let it play. The movie ended up being an American flick, some comedy with slapstick humor. Anzu climbed into Otogi's lap as he sat on the carpeted floor and leaned back on him, buzzed and sleepy, and he didn't seem to mind at all. Jou was in one of the plushy chairs, and Yuugi in the other; Honda was sprawled out on the floor on the side of him, Mokuba in a lawn chair that he'd brought from somewhere, and Yami was seated on the floor as well.

"You all can spend the night here, if you want," Mokuba offered. "Just know that you'll have to sleep on blankets. The guest room is clear, though. Fight for it if you don't want blankets. I have a lot though, and a couple sleeping bags but not enough for everyone." And with that he went ahead and retrieved said blankets. Jou declined staying at first, but Anzu reminded him of how often it was that everyone got together, and he changed his mind.

Yuugi drifted off while he was watching the movie, a smile on the face from when he'd been laughing at it. Anzu had fallen asleep leaning back on Otogi, but the dice master had grabbed a sleeping bag and offered it to her. She took the offer, of course, but even in the sleeping bag she snuggled up to Otogi, sighing about having to skip class tomorrow or something of the like. Honda was out like a light, but Jou still seemed awake. Yami was beginning to get sleepy, seduced by his drinks as well as the lighting and his own internal clock. Mokuba was wide awake, as though he wouldn't be going to sleep for hours, intently watching the movie, chuckling quietly at scenes he thought was funny. Had Jou been asleep, Yami probably would have made a move for him.

Instead, the spirit occupied himself by doing something constructive—clean up. Yuugi had bought some pizza for dinner, but most of the work had gone into making breakfast for the next morning. Yuugi had planned ahead and it was nice to know that there was still a part of his hikari that didn't mind getting fucked up in the evening as long as he could wake up and not have to make breakfast. The thought made Yami smile to himself as he picked up his few bottles and headed over to the kitchen. He felt eyes on him, wondering what he was doing. It was hard to see in the dark, and so he was glad that the light traveled away from the kitchen and that the movie was playing. He didn't want to step on anyone.

"Want these?" he asked Mokuba quietly; some people actually cashed them in.

Mokuba seemed to think for a moment. "...yes. Leave them by the sink."

And so Yami did, making a return trip to pick up Jounouchi's bottles. The blond's hand slid over one that was half full. "I want this one." Then he smiled a cheesy grin. "Thanks, Yami." Yami smiled back.

On the return trip, Yami found himself followed into the kitchen by Mokuba, who had grabbed most, but not all of Honda's beer bottles; he'd drank the most out of them all. Yami shook his head. Yuugi must have bought two cases of the stuff, and then the hard lemonade for him and Anzu. He hoped that they'd be polite enough to reimburse him, at least.

His thoughts were enough to keep his mind off of Mokuba being alone with him in the same room until he heard the faint clink of the bottles being sat down on the counter. Yami sighed a little to help regulate his breathing, his heart rate; he didn't want to be caught being flustered by Mokuba. Instead, he tried to make small talk. "Thanks for having us over."

Mokuba stood up straight, towering over Yami. He was a bit shorter than Kaiba, thank the gods, but that haughty look in his eye really reminded Yami of his brother. Mokuba swept fingers through the bangs of his hair. "Is that what you really wanted to say?"

Yami's left eyebrow rose in a quirk. "Excuse me?" he wondered if he could pull the wool over Mokuba's eyes, so to speak; just to see if he was capable of doing it, even though all the he wanted to do was to actually tell Mokuba what he really wanted to say, and do. The chase was much more fun.

But the younger brother stood his ground. "You heard me. Was that really what you wanted to say?" He leaned his left elbow on the counter, facing Yami with a sporting look on his face.

"Would you prefer me not say anything about your hospitality?" Yami retorted.

"I'd prefer you just spit it out." His expression channeled itself into a single smirk, and he stood up, taking a step closer. "I saw you looking at me..."

Yami snorted. "Oh, did you?" he said, voice as cocky as Mokuba's walk; he didn't move. "Just so happens that you're rather good to look at. Is there a problem?"

Mokuba laughed, sliding even closer to Yami, until there were only a few inches between them. "I'm not a child, Yami. You want me."

Yami smiled, a wicked smile. Then he slowly, very slowly, quoted Mokuba's words from earlier on in the week. "You. Bet. Your. Ass."

Mokuba leaned in even closer, an arm extending to trap Yami between an impending wall and himself, lips hovering just over Yami's, hair almost keeping his eyes from view of the shorter man. This time, Mokuba's voice was a husky whisper, more breath and bass than actual sound. "Gladly."

Yami swallowed thickly, feeling his Adam's apple bounce up and down in his throat. His heart rate was desperately trying to climb up, but he wouldn't let Mokuba affect him like that. He could feel the tension growing between the two of them, but he wanted to make Mokuba break, to lean in first, to capture his lips, to be the one to admit that he couldn't reign himself in. "..." For a moment, his mind fumbled for a response. He knew that if he'd lost in this silly game and couldn't think of anything to say, he'd be forced to give in. It was what he wanted in the end, but he would have to deny himself just a little while longer. Suddenly, everything snapped together and he had it. "So I'm not the only one," he breathed, his voice even more delicate than Mokuba's. The younger Kaiba's arm moved from the wall and his hand settled on Yami's hip. But Yami kept his composure. He waited for a response.

It was then that their lips crashed together. Mokuba's embrace was slow but intense; his arms tightened around Yami, the one on his hip and the other around his back, pushing him against the wall. There were no pleasantries, no etiquette. Just the primal sensation of one mouth on another, hot and shallow breaths filling up what space dared come between them. Yami finally began to lean closer, lips closing over Mokuba's, their tongues mixing. It was all Yami could do to keep from making a sound, especially with Mokuba's fingers delicately tracing his side like that. Yami shook loose of the hand behind his back, slipping his own in under Mokuba's to roughly pull him closer. His eyes fluttered open in just enough time to see Mokuba's close, and the brunette let out a small "Hn." Yami made sure to thoroughly ravage his mouth before easing up; he'd waited long enough, and it had been worth it. Every fucking second.

When Mokuba's kisses began to purposefully slow themselves, Yami began to suck on his tongue softly. And when Mokuba finally pulled away after what had seemed like an eternity, his lips were swollen and there was a hungry look in his eyes made more intense by his long bangs of hair. Mokuba's gaze seemed to be appraising Yami's for something; whether he found it the Pharaoh did not know.

After a moment of both of them panting, Yami deliberately licked his lips. He was hungry for more, honestly, but he wasn't going to let Mokuba know that if he could manage it. Mokuba ran his hands through his hair, shook it out and said, "Damn it, Yami--" he rolled his eyes, glancing back into the den for a moment. Yami smiled the same feral smile from before, his intentions unmasked. Mokuba smiled, too, hands playing in his rock-star styled hair. "Yami," he breathed. "Get the fuck out of my kitchen."

The End

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