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Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction.
When a figure from your past returns, hot and rugged and different than you remember, how exactly do you react? Slow that breathing, that raging heartbeat: Be. Cool. -shounen-ai, yaoi warning. Yami/Mokuba-

It all began, ironically, at a grocery store. Yami had gone to pick up a few odds and ends for Sugoroku. A carton of milk, some chips and some paper towel—Gramps called him while he was there and added some wheat bread to the mix. It wasn't really what Yami would've preferred to do at the moment but whatever.

In the snack aisle is where he first saw him—a very handsome man heading down to the section where the dip was. Yami only saw him from behind but it appeared to be the man's best side if the spirit had a say in it. A head full of long black hair—unruly but kempt in a strange paradoxical way—cascaded down his back, letting up in enough time to give the ex-Pharaoh a nice view of his ass. He was clad in jeans that were sort of a rusted color but more importantly there was a little shape on the hips, enough to keep Yami guessing at what sort of surprise could be waiting for him in front. He also caught a glimpse of a motorcycle helmet held in the crook of the man's arm, which went perfectly with the leather jacket that he was wearing, brown and studded.

Fuck…Yami's mind was already beginning to run away from him, fantasies of what the guy looked like and how well the man would look being fucked raiding his head. Then a woman excused herself past him and Yami turned abruptly and headed in another direction before he could be seen. The clack, clack of the man's shoes sounded against the tiled floor of the store and Yami could hear it even from the next aisle.

…he needed to get back to shopping, and so he did. It wasn't often that he spied a piece of ass like that in the neighborhood, though, and he found his ears straining for that clack, clack sound while he picked up his items. Despite having heard it a few times he didn't meet the man again until he got into the checkout line. Tall 'n' Sexy was there in all of his backside glory, and Yami immediately jumped into his line even though there was an old woman and teen separating them. The entire time that he was in line he openly stared at the man who stood two people in front of him, much to the chagrin of some of the customers who had begun to gather behind him. Unfortunately, Yami didn't really give a rat's ass about them.

The sexy man paid for a single item—the dip he had been looking at in the snack aisle, and as he turned to leave Yami almost spoke up for his attention. Almost. Some weird sense of pride was telling him that it was silly to catch a man at the grocery store and he hadn't yet found an argument to counter his inner thoughts. So he silently urged the two people in line after him to hurry the fuck up. As he looked about agitatedly, he noticed that he was in the 10 items or less line and those two in front of him were together, actually; a grandmother and granddaughter couple. Yes. They only had three items together. They sexy man was exiting via the far end of the store so he had a little ways to walk, and Yami was still watching him intently. He had a cocky walk, the spirit noticed, cool and slow as though he had all the time in the world. Some girl a few people behind him giggled with a friend about him and it made Yami smile.

"I'm in a bit of a hurry…" he told the cashier, and he hastily removed his debit card as Sexilicious left the store, the ping of the automatic doors following behind him. Fuck! Yami thought, swiping his card and automatically canceling the transaction to Credit so that it would go faster. The machine asked for his signature, he desperately grabbed his grocery bag with his left and signed with the other. Then he was off, running to catch up.

Too bad he couldn't find Sexy Fuck in the parking lot. There were too many cars, too many people, and Yami couldn't spot those hips or that cocky-ass walk, those jeans nor the leather coat. Sighing, Yami took a deep breath, swore and cursed both his height and his shyness about speaking to a man in a grocery store. You are a dumbass. A bitch. A pussy and an idiot, he told himself. So he began to walk back to the Kame Game Shop. He hadn't bothered to take Sugoroku's truck or the car he shared with Yuugi, since the store was close and he'd felt like walking at the time. He trudged forward to the corner of the parking lot to cross the street. He had the light so he began to cross with a few others.

Oh Ra! Yes! Thanks the Gods! Mister Sexy, riding his motorcycle, was first on the other side. The engine purred quietly as Yami began to stare even if he couldn't see the man's face. Take off the helmet. Take off the helmet. Take off the fucking helmet. But Yami finished crossing the street, the light turned and the Sexy Cyclist glanced in his direction once before speeding off. And Yami continued on. Kame Game shop was only two blocks away, so it would only take him a few minutes to get back. Five minutes to reflect on his cowardice.

Halfway up the second block, turning another corner and just a few buildings down from home, he heard the engine purr that he had just become acquainted with. That motorcycle was coming up behind him. Suddenly, he was defensive. Was he being followed? It was a paranoid question, but considering everything that he and Yuugi had gone through together, he had suffered far worse and therefore the idea was plausible. Of course, there was another part of him that hoped the sexy man just wanted a good fuck. That was also plausible. And possible. And the most desirable outcome. Regardless of his thoughts, however, Yami stiffened, his free hand toying with his Puzzle as he tried to gauge whether or not he would have to use it. The motorcycle hummed to a stop and Mister Sexy hopped off gingerly. Yami's body was tense even as he looked the man over. Then the helmet was off and the guy shook out his hair, and Yami could hardly believe it.

"Mokuba?" Yep, it had to be. Those chocolate eyes and his hair fit together now…Fuck, Yami thought, drinking him in. …Fuck… The unruly hair made sense now. As for the rest of it…

"You bet your ass," Mokuba answered, his voice a tad deeper than Yami remembered and everything that he'd imagined.

I'd bet mine if you were the prize… Yami thought. The last time he'd seen Mokuba, the boy had been sixteen and shipped off to some exchange program by Kaiba. Yuugi had been very upset about it, you see; Mokuba hadn't shown much of an interest in leaving.

"I saw you crossing the street from the store," he said. "You looked right at me but I don't think you could see through the visor. You on your way home? I'll walk you," he said, hopping back onto the bike. Then he turned it on and followed Yuugi at a very slow pace to the shop.

"When—when did you get back?" Yami said, still a bit flustered at finding out who the man was. Jesus fucking Christ, he's grown. And in more ways than one. …Fuck.

"Just a few days ago, actually. I've got an apartment here for now. Seto's upset about it."

They were already in front of the game shop but Yami wasn't ready to go inside. Not by a mile. "Are you here for a visit?" he tried to make small talk, but it wasn't something that he was typically good at. He could fake it well enough, he guessed, but he was about two seconds away from just telling Mokuba to fucking bend over already.

"Nope. I'm back for good. I've spent enough time overseas. I like being home," Mokuba answered.

"You…look different," Yami said. It was the closest that he was going to get to his thoughts.

Mokuba laughed, loud and robust. "You think? It's been five years. I'd like to think I've grown." He took a moment to play with a strand of his hair. "Seto doesn't like it. Thinks I should cut it short."

Yami internally fumed. "I'd tell him to shut it," he said, trying not to sound too rude. "It's sexy."

Mokuba faltered a moment before speaking, and Yami knew that he'd been too forward, but he didn't really care at this point. He'd stifled himself and that would have to be good enough. "You don't look too bad yourself. How's Yuugi and Gramps?"

"Come in and see for yourself. Got time?"

Mokuba shrugged. "Anything to keep me from home. Seto wants me to come by tonight if I have time."

"Tell him you don't have time," Yami shot back, turning and already leading the way into the shop, leaving Mokuba to secure his bike. It didn't take long, and when the spirit had unlocked the side door to travel upstairs to the living quarters Mokuba had already caught up, helmet in hand.

Yuugi was surprised but recognized Mokuba immediately. Gramps didn't at first, but he didn't have time to voice that because Yuugi was all excited and jumpy. Yami put the groceries in the kitchen and Yuugi stopped to thank him before showering Mokuba with a million questions. Mokuba tried to answer them while Yami leaned back against a counter, watching. "Hm," Yami said, almost to himself, all sorts of shit swirling through his mind. Mostly about having a moment to fuck Mokuba privately, but his kept his face a mask of indifference. It wouldn't do getting a hard-on in the middle of the kitchen with everyone present. No thanks. He'd already been through that experience and he wouldn't be suffering through it again.

Mokuba was talking about being in America, and his voice changed completely. It was no longer casual—it was a bit more stuffy, business like, as though he was giving a presentation. He sounded more kind and considerate. A Kaiba working his magic, Yami supposed. He'd almost forgotten the getup Mokuba was wearing while he spoke of scholarships, sponsorships, jobs, colleges in general, and a bunch of other shit that Yami wasn't really interested in hearing. He guessed it was alright to hear about the brunette's business adventures, but being in the mood to fuck him at the moment, it just agitated him. It was only maybe ten minutes or so, however, and then he was done, talking about seeing Yami at the stop light. Yuugi seemed amazed at Mokuba's success and asked why he wasn't staying at Kaiba Mansion.

"That place makes me feel like I'm choking," Mokuba said, voice switching back to sound more like it had when he'd been speaking to Yami outside, and looked off to the side. "Can't stand that shit. Seto does nothing with the house." Gramps and Yuugi seemed surprised at Mokuba's sudden change of language. It was duly noted, because Mokuba said after a moment. "Alright, well it was nice seeing you, but…"

"Good seeing you, Mokuba," Yuugi said. "Feel free to come back and visit."

Yami certainly didn't miss the younger Kaiba's eyes glancing over to him for just a split second. "I might just do that."

I might just do you, Yami thought after him.

"See ya," he said, flashing a prize winning smile before he left.

The End

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