Your Dazzling Smile


The line between love and infatuation are beginning to blur shes all I think about. She just a mere human has attracted my attention. There something very familiar about her eyes. I know I shouldn't get so close but maybe just this once I can make an exception. I love her and no one can stop me from having her.




He's been staring at me everyday since the day I found out we were partners.


“Haylie I think we should begin the project today. How about 4:30 at the library tonight?” he whispered.

Not wanting to disturb Ms. Deloris' lecture on the 5 classifications of life.


“Sure that sounds great,” He smiled as he went back to listening to the lecture.


There was feeling deep inside me far down past my more than intense love for Alex that told me I should be scared. That casuist to the events that were about to occur in my life and that I should mentally prepare myself. I can't get my mind of him everything about me is evolved around him. Please god I'm falling so fast but I've never been love. Please God let him love me back.

~Time Skip~

I can't believe I've been stood up maybe it wasn't love after all. I thought as I stared at my watch which showed 5:16. I knew it wasn't true that I was so in love with him I was blind to the outside world.

"Haylie! I'm sorry I got caught up with some stuff at home." He stated walking toward me.

I couldn't be angry at him  but I was and it hurt so bad. His smile was melting me ,but I wasn't going to let him get to me.

"I have to go," I almost yelled.

"What? Why ?I just got here. Are you angry with me? I'm really sorry." He looked genuinely sorry.

" No, I'm not. I'll see you tomorrow same time?" I smiled

He nodded "Promise?"

"Promise" I whispered as I walked away.

When I got home I started my half of the project that way tomorrow we would have more time to talk. He's amazing.


I didn't think it would take me that long to hunt but I didn't want to kill her on our first time out.  Haylie was the most beautiful thing in the world to me. She was my light and I didn't want her put out.

The End

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