My Prince Charming

        "Haylie, Sophie get up its almost time for school!!," my dad yelled.

      I groaned as I got up. I  really don't want to start a new school. After I took a shower and got dressed I went down stairs.

        "Dad, could you drop us off? I really don't want to walk on our first day."I pleaded. My dad and I got in the car after I grabbed a piece of toast.

        "Sophie come on  we all know you look like a princess, so hurry up!," I yelled. God, she can be so slow. I never ceases to amaze me how we could be related. When she finally got in the car a half in hour later. I swore my dad was trying to kill me with the whole "Don't go home with a stranger" speech. He so should be talking to Sophie about that instead of me. I mean the girl thinks that radioactive means the radio is on, as in music is playing.She says she wants to be a doctor I wouldn't let her come near me with an alcohol swab.

   Once we got to the school and exchanged goodbyes. Sophie and I walked to the main office wasn't that hard to find due to the fact that it had main office in big letters carved on the door.  The lady at the desk looked as if she had been working here for hundreds of years. Her hair was gray, she had a hideous tie-dye dress on with way to much make up on her face.

  "Hi we're Haylie and Sophie Simon the new students.," I smiled as politely as I could. She didn't say anything as she gave us our schedules' she just snared and turned away. Well this is turning out to be a wonderful day. We had the same schedule except for our electives. Sophie took Design and I took Drawing. We started of to our first period Civics I with Mrs. Finkle.

  The day was going great until I got to Drawing. When I walked in the first person I saw wasn't the teacher it was a guy. He looked so out of place flawless skin, straight black hair, and almost electrifying bright blue eyes. I tried to stop staring knowing I was failing miserably. Of course, the only seat open was next to him. As I sat down I couldn't shake the feeling of deja vu that ran through me.

     "Hello I'm Alex Harrison" a voice said close to my ear.

   That voice, that beautiful voice, it was like Beethoven Symphony whispering in my ear. I turned toward him thinking I couldn't be shocked anymore. Beautiful, I mean he was amazing from afar but up close is even more breath taking like watching Picasso paint. Oh my heavens, I have to say something, anything.

     "Hi!" I squeaked I could fell the heat rushing toward my face. "Uhm... I mean Hi, I'm Haylie Simons" I said, my god I sound like a bumbling idiot.

    "You are beautiful"  he whispered.It sounded as though I wasn't supposed to hear it.

  "What?" I asked quietly, completely confused as to why he was saying this.

  "I think do very well as partners, don't you think?" he said. He didn't hear me and I'm glad he didn't. What if it was just my imagination. I looked up confused about the whole partner thing.

    "Ms.Crown she paired us up as partners. I'm looking forward to it" he smiled. It was dazzling.

"Yes, I'm excited too"I smiled. It wasn't as breathtaking as his ,but I try. The  bell rang and I left as quickly as I could. Wow... I didn't think school could get anymore confusing. Alex Harrison, my prince charming.

The End

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