5 Candelas.

"Happy birthday Mia, now don't forget to make a wish." My mother told me.

"Ok mummy, I will." I told her not knowing what I was really saying. I wished that I would be beautiful just like my mummy, I wished that  me and mummy would always love each other. Most importantly I wished for my daddy to find me. I blow my 5 candelas out. The door suddenly slammed opened making me jump. My mother rushed me under the stairs; her face was unreadable, just blank.

"Don't you ever open this door, Mia whatever you do, don't open this door." Her voice was hard as she spoke to me.

"Mummy what is it"? I whimpered, my eyes becoming wet.

"I.I. Look Mia. I love you. Please sweetheart. You need to stay here." She was trying to hold her tears back; the pain in her face was unbearable. "Take this, and I'll always be with you." She handed me her golden heart locket that she always wore. Before shutting the door she kissed my forehead.

"Mummy. Mummy"!? She closed the door and locked it. That's when I heard strange noises, and then the sound of my mother screaming, blackness over took me.

12 1/2  years later...

I woke up in my apartment gasping for air. I stumbled out of bed, heading for the bathroom down the hall. I looked in the mirror, there looking back atme was a 17 ½ year old girl. Her skin was smooth and coffee colour. Her hair black and slick down to her back. Her clothes clinging to her slim elegant body. Her face scared me the most, her eyes were a dark green colour but had dark circles underneath.

I sighed knowing that I wouldn't be able to sleep now. I got change into some track bottoms and chucked on a blue top. I didn't know where I was heading, I just ran. It wasn't a dream. I knew that for certain. It was my real nightmare. And after all these years I still didn't know what happened to my mother. Something dark took her away from me. I was determined to find out what.   


The End

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