Be careful what you wish for because you just might regret it.

people tell of their past in this colab about how their wishes would always turn out bad and how they journeyed to find and stop these evils.

My name is Nicholas Muller and I am going to tell you of my past. When i was a young boy I made a wish almost every night. At the time i didn't know if they were listened to or not. Indeed they were listened to but it wasn't who I had wanted. For those that listened were evil and were intent on making wishes turn out the opposite of what was wished for. They did not do this immediately though and so I had made many wishes before they got to work . By then it was too late and I didn't realise it was my wishes that caused these bad things and so instead of stopping the wishes I made them more frequent to stop the bad things from happening, and so it is that my tale begins and the search for the evil creators began.

The End

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