Marney has had a crush on Jorge and had a plan to attract his attention. But has she got more than she wished for !?

You dropped something in the shower room last week," Jorge said, clearly struggling to keep a matter of fact tone. He was a hopeless liar, and Marney could see the mischief in his eyes from a million miles.

Marney had a pretty good idea what Jorge might be talking about and she mentally cringed, while trying to keep a fixed smile on her face. Jeez ! What had she been thinking about when she did that last week - that had to go down as one of her dumbest ideas ever. Best to try and play dumb.

"Ohh, uhhh… did I ? Was it my shampoo or something? I'm always losing something… sometimes I feel as if I'm going to lose my head," she tried to lighten the tension.

But when Jorge gave her the full monty with his crooked toothed grin, the tension crackled and Marney felt a jolt into her heart. He knew! And he knew that she knew that he knew!

"Well, I'm assuming they are yours because I found them in the shower when I went in after you. Here, you can have them back", said Jorge, now with an innocent smile, the kind the wolf makes, as it's circling closer. He handed her a scrunched up piece of cream cotton fabric. She tried not to look him in the eyes as she took it.

Oh my god! - Marney thought again. He isn't embarrassed in the least. They weren't even in a bag. He'd been carrying them around in his pocket. Had this been the stupidest plan or what.

They felt a bit damp. She had dumped a load of deo into them, but it wouldn't have stayed damp all week. Had he washed them. Oh crap! Shit! - to be more precise! Sarah stopped in pure mortification. She had checked them for skid marks before dropping them, hadn't she !?

That would be just like Jorge, to wash them. He didn't hesitate to get stuck in. She remembered when their kids were still in nappies… god that seemed like a lifetime ago… he hadn't even batted an eyelid to change her poopy kids. She remembered how John had always got upset about that, insinuating that Jorge was some kind of weirdo or pervert, and how it used to make her blood boil. She hadn't understood why at the time.

Jorge was was leaning against the gate of the tennis court now, arms folded, resting on one leg with the other folded behind it, knee bent and foot pointing down.. and he was studying her intently.

"Uhh, uhh, thanks for washing them, Jorge", was all Marney could think to say, trying to avoid his gaze.

He smiled at her again, but this time the glint of the wolf was much more pronounced, making the back of Marney's neck tingle. "I didn't wash them, Marney" he drawled lazily.

He was really enjoying this, wasn't he - Marney realised.

"Actually, they smelt quite nice.", Jorge continued.

Whoa - had she heard correctly!? - Marney felt slightly stunned. That wasn't the sort of talk she would have ever expected to come out of Jorge's mouth. Attack would have to be the best defense.

"Ohhh… Jorge... I'm glad you enjoyed them. And did they look good on you !?", Marney tried to counter, with an attempt at an equally nonchalant drawl and smirk. "Ewwww, what have you been doing to them !? They feel wet", she added trying to sound disgusted but look saucy at the same time, as she rubbed the fabric between her fingers. It did actually feel a little sticky.

"Use your imagination," Jorge retorted, cocking an eyebrow at her, with his crooked grin, the wolf making no attempt to hide.

It took a few seconds for Marney's reeling brain to connect. As understanding dawned, all she she could manage was a titter. "Ohhh, Jorge, you're such a tease. Umm, you're sooo funny... and eccentric... you are joking right… umm what are we talking about here !?…."

Jorge didn't answer and kept looking at her, his grin wavering now into a more serious look. Marney's heart was racing by now… she couldn't decide whether to try and push past Jorge, run to her car and drive way as fast as she could. Or just stay as far away from him as possible. What she really wished for was a deep hole to open up and swallow her. Oh god, he had her trapped.

But before she could come to any sort of decision on an action, Jorge suddenly spun round on his heel and strode off down the outside of the mesh sided court wall.

Marney followed him with her eyes and head, her body from the neck down seemingly in a state of paralysis. When he got to the far end, before he went around the corner to go behind the paneled fence, Jorge looked at her with what she could only think of at the time as that universal sign - come.

Oh my god, oh my god - Marney thought to herself, as she looked down at the damp fabric in her hand. There definitely a hint of that pancakey batter smell. No way. He wouldn't. That's not him. At least not the Jorge she knew.

What monster had she awakened !?

And now he wanted her to follow him round behind the fence, where they'd be out of sight. Marney's tried to go into denial, even as her out of control mind tried to return to her previous nights fantasy involving Jorge. Even as Marney kept trying to convince herself that this was just a dream, and a bad one at that, she found herself walking in a kind of slow motion, out of the gate and down along the side of the tennis court.

When Marney rounded the corner, she found Jorge leaning against the panel fence, looking off into the distance over the cricket lawn. Then, like some kind of predatory monster, he turned just his head and looked straight into her eyes.

His were blazing with the fire of a wanton desire. For her !

The End

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