Be careful what you wish for...

... you might just get it. This is a story about how a wonderful day was quickly ruined. Enjoy.


"Yeah?" Henry spun in his computer chair so he faced his four year old daughter, Alice. She clung to the edge of the study's door frame, grinning madly.

"Mummy says you have to hang up the laundry," she giggled. "And if you don't, you dont' get any sammiches."

Henry gave a playful gasp, clutching his chest as if calming a swiftly beating heart. "Oh no, what will I do if I don't get any sandwiches!"

"Then go hang it up," Alice's smile grew even broader, then she ran off to complete her half-finished drawing of... whatever it was. Henry chuckled and closed the internet window. He stood, and made his way to the kitchen, where he put a finger to his wife's back and said in his most sinister voice "Give me all your laundry."

"It's in the basket, take it with my gratitude." Marjorie slapped Henry's hand away from the plate of half-made sandwiches. " You can't have that though. You can have it when you're done hanging up the laundry. By then the picnic will be set up."

"All right," he moaned, pretending to be disappointed. He picked up the basket of laundry and took it outside, where he started hanging clothes on the laundry line. After a while he had a feeling that he was being watched. He turned around and saw a woman in a black pantsuit, who was looking impatiently at her watch.

"Excuse me," Henry said. "Who are you?"

"Heather O'Deally." She said, looking around at the forests and fields surrounding the small house. "I am this region's incarnation of death. I harvest souls, and today, it seems I will be taking yours."

"What? You're joking right?" He said. The woman stared at him, as if waiting for him to drop dead - which she probably was. Henry's face grew pale. "But - but I have a wife and daughter to take care of, I can't just die!" He fell to his knees, dropping the shirt he was about the put on the line. "Please,  I'm begging you, don't let me die, dont' take me away! Please, make it anyone else but me!"

"Well if you insist..." She smile evilly, her arms folded with one hand reaching up so that her finger touched her lips, as if she were thinking very hard. "I could do that, but someone would have to die in your place. Are you sure?"

"Yes, yes!" He begged. "Just don't let me die! For my family's sake."

"Of course," she said "For your family's sake." She snapped her fingers and began to fade out. "Oh yes, don't forget this. You won't be able to speak of this to anyone else."

"Daddy!" Alice came running out of the house, a red and white checkered picnic basket clutched to her chest. Henry rose, his arms out to hug his daughter to celebrate his very close brush with death.

Suddenly a deer ran past her, and she stopped, watching it leave in amazement. Then there was a shot, like a shot being loosed from a rifle. The shooter missed his prey, and shot the little girl instead. Alice fell, blood pouring from a hole in her chest. Marjorie, who had just left the house, dropped the picnic basket and ran to her daughter's side. Henry stood there in shock.

"Alice!" Marjorie cried. " Speak to me, darling! Henry, call an ambulance! Henry!" Henry ran inside to the phone, but knew it was futile. He heard sinister laughter and knew who it was.

"I didn't mean her!" He sobbed. "I didn't mean for her to die! This isn't what I wanted!"

The End

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