Be Careful What You Wish For

A girl moves town in Oregon just wishing for something extraordinary. She didn't know that that's exactly what she was going to get.

               I’m Haylie Simon. My step moms making us move to a small town in Oregon to get out of the big city. My dad goes along with anything she’s says just to make her happy. The noises may annoy her but they help me sleep. Its not like she sees me anyway unless the dishes need washing. I thought this would be the worse possible thing that could happen to me. I wish something would happen to make my dull life a little less dull. Stupid me little did I know things were going to get a bit more interesting.  " Haylie, we're here" Danielle said. She asked me to call her mom. The only that could make me call her mom is if zombies took over the world and she was the queen.Wow.. OK that was a weird thought even for me. I looked at the house I would spend the rest of my life in and couldn't seem to find anything wrong with it. "Hey Sophie?" Sophie's my twin sister we're completely the same except for the fact that Sophie my dearly loving sister is a complete dunce when it comes to logic. "Yeah?" she asked. "Race ya to the biggest room!" by the time she caught on I was already  upstairs in the biggest room with a balcony. What can I say you snooze you lose.

  We had already unpacked everything. Dad called to enroll us in the towns high school. It's not so bad here, there aren't any mole people living in the back yard. If you can call it that after about 20 yards from the door the gate opens into a big forest. Hello Forest of Death. Worse part is I start a new school tomorrow.

The End

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