Be Careful Carrie

"Oh my god. What happened here?!" Jessy said when she walked through my door, not even bothering to knock because she's like family. "Carrie, are you okay? Where's your mom?" She asked and then she looked at me and fell quiet. My face must have drained any color left and my eyes were probably empty and hollow looking.

"I came home today." I said quietly looking at the floor.

"And? What happened Carrie?"

I looked at her. "And the place was a mess. Trashed. Violated. Robbed." I said quietly and looked back to the floor. "Mom wasn't home when I got here. Door was broken in. Every room is turned inside out." I took in a breath and then continued. "Someone robbed my house and they probably took my mom with them. They were obviously looking for something or else they wouldn't have left the place in this mess."

Jess rushed to my side and I turned into her warm body and just cried. And for a long time I just cried and she just comforted me. Not a word was exchanged during the process. Complete and utter silence.

Finally after I stopped my crying and sudden burst of a sob I wiped my eyes and stood up, pulling Jessy up with me. "Okay. What am I going to do now?"

"Call the cops. That's the most obvious and smartest thing to do."

I shook my head. "It took them a year to find Owen and dad."

"They were in Florida! The police were looking for your brother and dad here. In Vermont. Not all the way down south." True. Very true. I mean, it's not like my mom and I would ever in our wildest dreams have thought that Owen and dad would be dead, let alone dead in Florida.

"I need to get my head straight. Let's go to the game, you still have to cheer and finish the pyramid." I said packing my pockets with my phone, cash, my key, my ipod, and my student ID card. Jessy looked at me like I'm insane. "What?"

"Your mom is missing and your going to go watch a high school football game?"

"Well it's our rivals and they need all the support they can get." I said with a shrug. Jessy out her hands on my shoulders and shook me.

"Your. Mom. Is. Missing. You. Whack. Job. You aren't just going to ignore this!" She said and dropped her hands from my shoulders. Ugh. She knows this is how I deal with things! I will go looking for mom, just not yet. I just need some time to think. The cops won't do anything about this unless there's a garuntee bonus in their pay checks. Ugh... losers.

"I just need some fresh air." I said and walked out the door. "Coming?" I asked. I heard her sigh and jog up next to me. We started walking back to school but every now and then I'd look over my shoulder. Is someone following us? No... Carrie your just being paranoid.

I picked up my pace and Jessy silently hurried up without a question. By the look on her face she thought that we were being followed too.

The End

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