Be Careful Carrie

My mom was taken. What am I going to do? Call the cops. No, that will take months! NCIS? Oh what are you talking about! That's just a show. Find her yourself. No... too risky. Tell Jess and her parents. This is not going to end well.

The stalker will probably come for me next. And then it'll be game over. I ran to the door and locked it. I closed all of the windows and locked them tight. I went to my room in the back of the house and grabbed everything I needed. Clothes, shoes, linens, pillows, blankets, pretty much everything in there and I dragged it all into the living room.

I walked to the rooms and closed all of the doors. I grabbed my laptop and the phone and put them beside me. I looked to my right. The kitchen door would always be open. You know, food and stuff.

Jess. What about her? I need to tell her something. Or I can just not tell her. No! She's your best friend! You can't just lie to your best friend's face like that! That's just wrong! So with blurry vision and shaking hands I reached for the phone and dialed Jess's cell.

"Hello?" Jess said into the phone with her happy-go-lucky voice.

"Um... hey Jessy." I said quietly. I could hear cheerleaders laughing in the background.

"Hey Carrie. Everything okay? You sound scared." She asked. My breathing got louder and heavier as if I was tired from running so much. "Carrie? Did something happen on your way back home? Okay, I'll be right over. Don't move." She said and before I could say anything she hung up and the line went dead.

I started crying. I curled up on the floor with a million blankets around me and three over me with my head surrounded by a million pillows. My hands went to my locket. It was a gold locket with a picture of my parents, me, and my older brother Owen.

Owen and dad went on a trip one day and never came back. Owen was 14 when he died and I was only four. I don't really remember him or dad, but mom told me they were the best. The police told us almost a year later that they found their bodies in Florida. I was only five by then and still didn't understand.

I fell asleep after crying so much and getting a headache, completly forgetting everything that just happened. Just glad that my body is finally allowing me to rest.

The End

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