Be Careful Carrie

Carrie Gallaghar. 17, brunette, tall, tan, and drop-dead gorgeous. She comes home from the 11th grade one day to find her house completely trashed and her mother missing. Soon the FBI contact her and train her to become one of them. Soon, 7 months have passed and Carrie is the top field agent in her... "class."
She's soon sent out on a secret mission to find someone who went missing. And it's only halfway through the investigation that Carrie finds out she's looking for her mother. Soon she co

January 17th, 2009:   Grant High School

"Miss. Gallaghar!" Mrs. Kern said. I snapped my head up and stared blankly at her.

"Yes?" I said.

"The answer?"

"To...? You need to be more specific Mrs. K."

She looked mad. Really mad. She opened her mouth and was about to say something when the final bell rang. Saved by the bell. Gee, never thought I'd ever say that in my life. I gathered my books and dumped them in my bag. I stood up and walked out the door meeting up with Jessy.

"Hey Jess." I said and we started down the hall.

"Hey Carrie. You got so lucky today. Mrs. K looked like she was going to strangle you when you were all like: You have to be more specific Mrs. K." Jess laughed and walked a bit ahead of me to her locker.

"Hey, I didn't hear the question and in order for me to be fully educated I need her to re-state questions sometimes. Sorry I'm not like Mindy Yee." I said and jabbed my thumb over my shoulder towards Mindy. Ugh. She is the ut-most disturbed person you could ever meet. She just happens to be the biggest gossip in school yet she manages to ace every class.

"Haha, true." Jess said and slammed her locker shut. "So, are you going to the game tonight? I'm cheering today and Amber said I could be the top of the pyramid today!" She squealed.

"Um, no. Sorry mom and I are heading to Madison for an art exhibit on undiscovered artists. And then we're going to a late dinner." I said and closed my locker. "I'm walking home today, my car's in the shop." I said and walked up to Jess.

She looked uncertain. "What?"

"Well... walking home. In this weather? All the way to your place? I don't know. I'd want someone to come with me." Jess said and shifted her weight foot from foot.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry." I assured her.

"Okay. Just be careful Carrie."

"I will. Okay? Bye hun." I said and hugged her before starting down the hall and out the doors. 20 minutes later I was home but something wasn't right. I could feel it and shivers ran up and down my body. I walked up to my door and fished out my keys when I realized that the door was open already.

"Mom?" I said and walked in. Not feeling to good. She didn't answer. "Mom?" I said. I dropped my bag and coat and walked through the house. It was completly trashed. Someone broke into my house.

And they have my mom.

The End

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