Quick joke before the chapter starts... Why was Merlin in trouble? He developed Arthur-rightus!

'Rosalina?' Arthur was saying. 'What sort of a name is that?' He scoffed.
'Well. You might not like it but I think it suits her.' Merlin said calmly.
'Are you crying?' Merlin quickly wiped his eyes, he couldn't believe something that beautiful could die. 'No.' He answered quickly. Arthur let it drop.
'You know... er... I was wondering...' Arthur paused. Then spoke quickly. 'Do-you-want-to-keep-her?'
Merlin smile grew until it reached his big ears. Fresh tears broke out. 'Thanks.' He said in a small voice. He lifted her up higher. Arthur was surprised he could, Merlin always looked too skinny to lift something that big.
'Sire! Sire!' Another guard rushed in, out of breath. Arthur stood up. 'What is it?' He asked the guard airily.
'Sire. Its your father.' That was all that needed to be said. Arthur ran out the stables closely followed by Merlin. Merlin slowly put Rosalina down to follow Arthur, but Rosalina could now stand and walk. She followed Merlin.

The End

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