Birthing time!

'Merlin. You're late.' Arthur complained as Merlin came in. Not bothering to knock.
'Sorry. Sire.' Merlin said sarcastically. 'What chores have you got for me today?'
'Hmm. Strangley eager.' Arthur eyes Merlin suspisiosly. 'I need you to see my horse. She will be having a foal any time soon. I would like you personally, to give birth to it.' Arthur realised what he had said. 'Oh no. Not really give birth. Just help her.' Merlin raised his eyebrows. He had known that Arthurs horse was pregnant for a while now and the foal was due to be born that day. (Arthur had been using another horse.)
A guard suddenly ran into the room. 'Excuse me!' Arthur said disaprovingly. No one but Merlin or his father could enter without a knock.
'Please forgive me sire, but its your horse. Shes giving birth now!' The guard said at 90 miles an hour.
'Off you go Merlin.' Arthur joked and followed Merlin and the guard.


They came to the stables and ran in. On the floor was Arthurs white horse, Jen. Breathing heavily. Merlin and Arthur lay down beside her, stroking her flanks and neck.
'Don't worry.' Merlin was muttering.

A few minutes later she had given birth to a beautiful black stallion, named Thomas. But they didn't expect the other baby to come out.

'What!? Whys there another one?' Arthur was as confused as Merlin. No one had mentions she was having two!

The other one looked weak. She was bay. With a white stripe down her nose. Merlin recognised her, he couldn't think were from though, never mind, he thought.
Jen was looking after Thomas the way a good mother should be, caring and kind. Licking him and being careful not to squish him.
But the other one on the other hand, (haha) she ignored. Regardless to her daughter Jen almost rolled over her.
Merlin quickly scooped her up in his arms.
'What are you going to call her?' Merlin said, not taking his eyes off the little thing in his arms.
'Merlin. Shes a runt. She wont live. But if it makes you feel better, you can name her.' Arthur said focusing on Thomas, seeing if he would make a good battle horse.

Merlin was saying, 'She shall be called...' he paused, '... Rosalina.'

The End

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