BBC Merlin: Rosalina

about merlin, the teenage warlock.
I thought htis up one night out of boredness.
Merlin adopts a runty horse. Uther dies. Arthur becomes king and Merlin (and Morgana) reaveals himself (herself)....
all to be explained....
(oo very mysterious)

Merlin was on a horse. A gorgeous bay. They were in the forest. Riding ever so fast, the wind blew her mane into Merlins face. He had no idea why they were running. But it felt right. Suddenly he came to a clearing, he didn't know where to ride, they were lost. He turned the horse around to face the bit of the forest they came in, but it set on fire. Merlin could see no cause. His horse jumped back in fright. The fire spread to all around the clearing. There was no way out. The horse suddenly bolted at the fire. Oh no, thought Merlin. They were going to die.

Merlin suddenly jolted awake as he shouted. He was in his lumpy bed in his room. Gaius rushed in, hearing Merlins shout of shock. He came in and looked at Merlin, he was cold but clammy to the touch.
'Merlin? Are you alright?' Merlin only just heard his uncle.
'I-I don't. What happened?' He stammered.
'Bad dream, I think.' Gaius looked over Merlin as he sat on the bed. Merlin didn't want to talk about the dream, anyway he couldn't, he was late for work!
Merlin was Prince Arthurs manservant and also his best friend. (Although neither of them liked to admit it.)

Merlin dallied over breakfast. Playing with his pasty porridge. Merlin didn't usually have breakfast so skipped it yet again.

Walking to the princes chambers he bumped into Guinevere, Lady Morganas maid, and one of his friends. 
'Hi, Guin!' He exclaimed.
'Oh. Merlin. Hello.' She didn't seem very enthused. She wouldn't look Merlin in the eyes, no matter how hard he tried to get her to look at him.
'Whats wrong?' He said finally.
'Its just...' she sighed, 'Its Morgana. I'm worried about her. She seems so distant, even when she hugs me. She has bad dreams every night.' She trailed off and bit her bottom lip.
'Erm. I gotta go. See you later.' Merlin said awkwardly.
'Bye.' Guin said simply.
Merlin walked briskly on.

The End

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