BBC Merlin: Dancing With Death Chapter Sixteen

“What happened?” Arthur groaned as he woke up, clutching his sore, red throat.

He found he was in one of the tents that he recognized to be from the camp and tucked tightly into a bed. Merlin, Elliot and Bryce were there, in that order. Merlin knelt beside the bed, Elliot bending over him and Bryce towering over the both of them, his big, black moustache twitching as usual.

“Well?” Arthur asked.

“Almaric’s dead.” Merlin said.

“What? I didn’t kill him…did I?”

“Well you must have done!” Elliot laughed.

“All his men have gone. We sent a scout out yesterday.” Merlin informed him.

“How long have I been out?”

“About a day.” Bryce piped up, “You’ll be fine once you’ve hand something to eat and drink.”

“And then we can go on our way.” Merlin said.

“Home?” Arthur asked, hardly believing it was at last time to go back to Camelot.

“Yep! I’ll be your guide. I’ll have you back where you belong in no time.” Elliot said.

“Bryce, you mentioned food and drink?” Arthur asked, grinning.

A chuckling Bryce went to get Arthur food and Elliot dragged a reluctant Merlin outside, who wanted to stay with his friend and make sure he was ok and even if he was stay with him anyway.

“I saw what you did. You’re a sorcerer aren’t you?” Elliot said simply once they were out of earshot.

Merlin bit his lip. He knew someone would have seen him. 

“Yes.” He said hesitantly.

“I wont tell anyone. As far as I’m concerned nothing happened.”

“Thank you.”

“You’d better get ready. If Bryce lets me I intend to go round about now.” Elliot said, looking at the sun that would tell him the time.

“You’re going?!” Someone suddenly said and they both turned to see Amy, her lip wobbling in upset.

“Yes, he’s going. Look, there’s another eligible bachelor over there. Go and annoy him.” Elliot commanded and Merlin was surprised to see the girl instantly forget him and run after some poor bloke who legged it as soon as he saw her.

“Sorry about her. She can be a little overbearing. I say little… But at least she’s not after you any more. I just feel sorry for that poor chap I just sent her after.” Elliot apologized for his sister, grinning sheepishly.

Merlin wasn’t quite sure what to say. That girl was the strangest he had ever met.


Once they were all ready to leave, they saddled some horses and rode off at a gallop, bidding their farewells and accepting many a thank you from the entire camp, who could now take back their land and live on in peace.

“You do know we’re in for a proper explanation when we get back.” Merlin chuckled to Arthur as they galloped along.

“I’m dreading it.” Arthur replied.

“What are we gonna tell them?”

“The truth. We were chased by a bear, captured by bandits, fed to crows, escaped the crows, attacked by a Behemoth, killed the Behemoth, taken in by a camp, fought for the camp, almost married off to a camp member, killed Almaric for the camp and now we’re going home.” Arthur took a deep breath and grinned recklessly.

“And you think they’re going to believe that?”


“We are in so much trouble.” 


The End

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