BBC Merlin: A Heart Of Gold Chapter Ten

Merlin lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling in deep thought, his mind going over and over all the things he had experienced in Arthur’s memories. He avoided the thought of the fire memory but still it niggled in the back of his mind, eating away at him like an undying worm. He shoved the thought to the back of his head and instead busied himself with the first memory he had gone though.

It seemed Arthur and Morgana had enjoyed a rather nice childhood, larking around and climbing trees. Merlin guessed they had grown apart as they grew up as they still had the occasional spat.

And then there was the second memory, when Arthur had risked life and limb just to save him. Merlin knew Arthur wouldn’t (though perhaps would one day) admit it but he was certain that he considered him a friend and the memory only strengthened that theory. Merlin had a sudden erg to go back to the cloud place and to the gathering of people there where he was sure he could find out of what Arthur truly thought of him without having to guess anymore. He struggled desperately with his curious side and his sensible side, saying things in his head like “Curiosity killed the cat Merlin.” And then “But I’m not a cat.”

It was almost like a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Merlin’s devil wasn’t that evil though and he soon gave up the idea, deciding that it probably wasn’t a good idea.

“Merlin! Come see this! I think I’ve found it!” Gaius suddenly called from his office, jerking Merlin from his wondering thoughts.

“What does it say?” Merlin asked, trotting down to the physician and peering over his shoulder at a large and dusty pile of scrolls that were before the old man.

“Do you know the Old Hills near Greendale?”


“There is a rock there. You remember?”

“Yeah.” Merlin said, staring into the distance and remembering the old jagged rock that protruded from the said place.

“What else do you remember about it?”

“One of its sides is glass. No one knows how it happened. The place is famous for it.”

“That glass is the way to the sun.”

“What? Seriously?” Merlin asked, wondering how such a normal place could hold such a secret.

“Yes. There are a few like it situated around the world in various places. They’re few and far between.”

“But I’ve been there hundreds of times! There’s nothing special about it.”

“Yes, your right. There is nothing magical about it until a spell is cast on it.”

“What kind of spell?”

Gaius pushed a few scrolls out of the way and picked out a sheet that looked like all the others, strange, browning and old.

“What do you make of it?” Gaius asked, handing the sheet to Merlin.

Merlin looked at the scroll a moment.

“It doesn’t look too hard but it doesn’t say what happens afterwards.”

“Well maybe you can write it down after you find out.”

“Well…I…” Merlin rubbed the back of his neck, slightly nervous. 

“What?” Gaius asked kindly.

“I mean…the sun, phoenixes, fire. It all sounds rather dangerous…”

“And since when has that stopped you before?”

Merlin smiled.

“So, time for me to save the day again right?”


The End

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