BBC Merlin: A Heart Of Gold Chapter Seven

The white light appeared again and faded to reveal a rocky surface before him. He seemed to be in a gloomy cave with very little light to speak of. A shear drop below and a steep climb in front. Suddenly he realized that he was hanging off the side of a cliff. He could only see Arthur’s arms that were clad in chain mail and far longer than they had been in the previous memory. This must have been a more recent experience.

Suddenly he was shouting.

“Who are you!” Arthur’s voice yelled in its normal pitch which confirmed this was when Arthur was the age he was currently.

Merlin wondered whom he was shouting at.

Arthur’s arms shifted a bit on the rock that he was desperately hanging on for dear life.

Suddenly a blue light burst out from somewhere. Merlin was sure it was behind him. A strange orb of swirling blue light was flying up behind him.

“Come on then! Finnish me off!” Arthur was shouting again.

The sphere continued to float up and around Arthur, washing him in light.

Arthur shifted his arms again and he heaved himself onto the ledge. He grabbed his sword and backed against the wall, eyeing the strange light.

The orb floated slowly up, wanting him to follow it for some reason but Arthur wasn’t heeding to its help because he had seen a small cluster of yellow flowers above and to his left.

He sheathed his sword and began to climb up the wall of the cave, using every hand and foothold he could see in the blue light. He edged slowly across the higher ledge he had reached and swung his arm up to get the flowers that were sitting pretty, just out of reach.

Arthur strained himself to reach the flowers that were so close yet so far and just managed to clasp a finger over one of them. He tucked the little flower into his belt and pulled off his gloves to continue climbing the rest of the wall.

Suddenly there was an array of small red lights below that looked only too much like eyes. There were hundreds of giant spiders scuttling up the rock face, obviously hell bent on doing something horrid to hurt Arthur. Most likely eat him or throw him off the cliff.

Arthur climbed (quiet literally) for his life up the wall as fast as he could in the confounded armour that restricted his movements awfully.

Swinging an arm up for another handhold Arthur stole a glance back behind him at the on coming spiders. They were closing in; probably licking their lips (if they had any) at the prospect of a tasty prince for eats.

Swallowing, Arthur speeded up and eventually came to the top of the rock, the spiders practically biting his heels. He hauled himself hurriedly over the edge and scrambled up. Suddenly a huge spider leapt over the edge and jumped onto his back. Arthur drew out his sword and slashed at the creature behind him who was trying to take a bite out of him. The arachnid fell to the floor hissing in pain at the blow Arthur had struck to it.

Arthur propelled himself forward before the spider’s friends could get him and rocketed out of an archway that had moonlight shinning through it. He stumbled out and looked back at the cave to see if any of the creatures had followed him out and when he saw none had he took to his heels and raced away.

Suddenly everything went white and once again Merlin found himself back in the cloud place. He stood up (he always seemed to land on his backside) and rubbed the back of his neck where the spider had ripped at Arthur’s skin when it had jumped onto his back. Surprisingly there was no break in the skin. It had felt so real at the time. That must have been when Arthur had gone to the forests of Balor to get the Morteous flower to save Merlin from the poisoned chalice. Merlin had had no idea Arthur had done so much for him (he had after all been unconscious) and he suddenly felt a new respect and gratitude for the prince.

This was all very well but it still wasn’t the right memory.

Merlin had a sudden vision of being in this weird place for years, sorting endlessly through Arthur’s memories and worse, the prince never being returned to flesh and blood. He couldn’t let that happen.

Not only was Arthur the future king but also his friend, best friend even. In fact Merlin would go so far as to say that Arthur was like a brother to him.

This in mind Merlin picked out another cloud. He did not pick this one randomly however. He let his magic do the thinking for him.

He suddenly felt drawn towards one particular cloud that was hiding behind a few others like a frightened child that would take shelter behind its mother’s legs. It didn’t seem to won’t to move though. It just floated slowly in a vague circle.

Merlin edged towards it. The other clouds drifted away from him (like I said before, they were like opposing magnets.) As he slowly came up on it, it went from side to side like a cornered chicken that could not decide whether to go left or right.

Merlin felt rather foolish that he was “stalking” a cloud but most things around this place were pretty weird so he didn’t let it bother him.

The cloud suddenly turned ugly (quite literally.) It had been dark before but now it was jet black. It suddenly let loose a lightning bolt and a roar of thunder.

Merlin halted in his tracks. This was really odd (everything that had happened lately was.) It was like the cloud was alive and could think for itself. At the present it was angry.

Never the less Merlin ignored the lightning bolts that were become threateningly bigger and leapt at the cloud.

The End

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