BBC Merlin: A Heart Of Gold Chapter Two

“Tell me what you saw.” Gaius said gently, ushering Morgana to sit on one of the chairs in his office.

“Well…it was very different from the others…” Morgana began, sitting down.

“Go on. We’re listening.” Gaius said also sitting down and clasping his hands together.

“I…well…there was fire.” Morgana said, looking into the distance.

“Fire?” Merlin said leaning on a table, his forehead crumpling.

“That’s all there was. Just fire. Everywhere. It was burning everything.” Morgana had a glazed expression on her face as she brought back the memory of her dream.

Merlin and Gaius exchanged glances.

“It’s just a dream. There is no fire.” Gaius said tenderly.

“No. No, you don’t understand. I know it’s going to happen!” Morgana said, snapping out of her glassy eyed look.

“You need rest. I’ll get you a sleeping draught.”

“They never help. And don’t say your going to get me a stronger one. If they get any stronger I might never wake up!” She said bitterly.

“Oh, come now. They do help! Take this one, its slightly different.” Gaius bustled away and began to rummage through a number of jars on one of the tables.

“There was nothing there but fire?” Merlin inquired. He knew that if Morgana had dreamt of fire then chances were that fire there would be.


“Do you know where?”

“No. There was too much smoke. I couldn’t see but…” Morgana trailed off wondering whether it was important or not.

“What is it?”

“There was a noise.”

“What kind of noise?” Gaius said returning from the table, a phial of potion in his hand.

“I…I don’t know, just a noise. Then the fire got so hot I woke up.” Morgana was describing the dream as though it had been an event and not a trick of the mind in the night.

“What did it sound like?” Merlin asked.

“I couldn’t hear. The flames were so loud.”

“Don’t dwell on these dreams Morgana. It won’t do you any good to worry about them.” Gaius said firmly, helping the slightly shaky woman to the door and giving her the phial.

“Thank you Gaius.” Morgana said half-heartedly and left.

“Well. What do you think to that?” Gaius suddenly spun round and confronted Merlin.

“Why are you asking me?” The young warlock asked incredulously.

“Fire. She said fire. Any ideas what that’s all about?”

“Umm…no. Why would I?”

“Just thought you might. You are a warlock after all.”

“That doesn’t mean I can read minds…yet.”

“I know that! But you once said that you powers tell you things. Remember? With the Avanc.” Gaius raised an eyebrow.

“Well…yes…” Merlin hesitated, as it was not true. He had got information on how to kill the Avanc from the dragon. 

“So…” Gaius made circular motions in the air with his hands.

“I’m not getting anything right now.” Merlin answered truthfully.

“Hmm…never mind then.”

“Never mind? You know that she’s a seer just as much as I do!”

“Even seers can have dreams that are not previews of the future.”

“So you think this one might not come true?”

“It is possible. Though I think precautions should be made…” Gaius said, tilting his head in thought.

“What kind of precautions.” Merlin asked.

“If Morgana dreamt of fire then it is quite possible that there is going to be a one. I think that I should ask the king to have water brought into the castle, just in case.”

“He’s not going to do that for no reason and we can’t tell him that his ward is a seer.”

“I know…”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. Like you said to Morgana, don’t worry.”

“Yes…well anyway we still need apples so if you would do the honours…” Gaius said and handed Merlin a basket.

“How many do you want?” Merlin sighed submissively.


“Ok. I’ll be right back.” Merlin said and left to go to the market.


Some time later (the stall owner had demanded more for the apples than they were worth) Merlin returned to Gaius’s chambers to give him the fruit only to find that he had gone to the feast that had already started. Many of the other residents of the castle could also be found there so Merlin made his way down to the banquet hall.

Decorations of all kinds were draped on the walls as they were on the women who flitted though the crowd, their jewels glinting in the orangey glow from the many brackets posted on the walls. The Pendragon symbol was printed everywhere, including on some the servant who stood resolutely near the corners of the hall, dressed in the uniform that the servants of Camelot wore.

A feast, nothing short of divine, was being placed on the two long tables that spanned the length of the hall and the shorter one that belonged to the more important guests. A hog roast, beef, chicken, fruit and other delicious foods began wafting their various smells towards Merlin, making his mouth water but he knew that he couldn’t eat until Uther and Arthur had at least made an appearance.

The night was largely uneventful and the only bit of importance was that there was a small food fight between Arthur and Morgana, which soon spread among the other guests and became a very large one. After it had ended no one could recall what had started the skirmish and everyone went of to his or her beds ether laughing hysterically or picking bits of food out of their hair.  

The End

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